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The soundest approach to veterinary care is to do whatever it takes to keep pets healthy through preventive care. Preventive care not only keeps pets healthy, it also saves you what could be significant veterinary expenses due to untoward emergencies later down the line. Our veterinarian recommends that all pet owners bring their pets in for a yearly wellness exam, more frequent for young and older animals. These exams include complete physicals as well as administration of vaccinations.

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Pet wellness exams are a critical part of preventive veterinary care. This is true throughout all the stages of your pet’s life from newborn kitten to senior citizen. Pets can’t tell you something hurts them or that they feel sick. They rely on you to know when something is wrong, but for some problems, the only way that can happen is with a trip wellness trip to the vet.

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We're offering a free initial pet exam for our new clients! Schedule an appointment today or visit us as a walk-in. One exam per pet. Cats and dogs only. After the physical exam has been completed, your doctor will discuss any screening lab work that may be indicated for your pet. The tests that are recommended will be determined by your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle and physical exam findings. Your pet may need only a few or several of these tests. Tests that may be recommended include:

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If you view your Hills, Park, Frankfort or , IL pet as a full member of your family, then of course you want to him to enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Here at Animal Clinic, Ltd., we're committed to aiding that cause; not only through timely diagnosis and treatment of physical problems, but also through the prevention of those problems. Preventative wellness exams can play a critical role in helping you help your pet feel better and live longer, and we're delighted to offer these exams at our , IL Veterinary Clinic.

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Study english online KET (A2), PET (B1), FCE (B2), CAE (C1).The only good pet illness is the one that never occurs. If you agree with that statement, then you'll also agree that pet wellness care is a smart investment in the future health and happiness of your beloved companion. Here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we want pet owners to understand the need for an annual or bi-annual pet wellness examination, and its value as a central part of every pet's preventative care plan.