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• Before ordering any medication for your pet, consult with a licensed veterinarian, who is trained to prescribe medications at the proper dosage for your pet and can help avoid dangerous side effects. Online pharmacies have never seen your pet and cannot effectively review your pet’s medical history.

Buyer Beware: The Risks of Ordering Prescription Drugs for Pets Online

Emancipet is excited to offer our clients the ability to fill prescriptions online for their pets directly through our distributor. In order to approve subscription requests, your pet must have been seen at an Emancipet clinic within the last 12 months.

which makes providing habitats for them easier than many other pets.

Pekin Veterinary Clinic offers you convenient online ordering and home delivery of pet medication prescriptions and various products for your pets While many people might think a quick trip to the pet store would be the best bet that isn’t usually the case, especially to a general “Pets-R-Us” type store. As you read this article you will see why ordering online is often the best option. It should be noted that when I say “online” in this instance I am refering to internet, phone, and/or mail.

Why You Should Never Buy a Puppy Online | ASPCA

When purchasing pet medications, clients need to make educated and informed decisions. Most veterinarians will provide pharmacy products to our clients, and cost is not the only consideration. Misleading advertising may suggest that Internet products can save money, but often the cost of prescriptions are about the same and sometimes less from the veterinary office. Before ordering medication, a client should consider the true cost and how the product has been handled. Some manufacturers will not guarantee their product if it is not purchased directly from the veterinarian. Many times, medications for pets will need to be reevaluated and ongoing discussions with a veterinarian are necessary.

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