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All proceeds from Bingo and the Thrift Shop help keep our shelter going. Your support of the Orland Town & Country Humane Society directly helps animals in your community.


In a perfect world, every senior pet would spend its twilight years surrounded by a loving family. But sadly, senior pets that end up in shelters often do not get that chance. Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions™ believes that Love Has No Age Limit™. Our mission is to save the lives of homeless senior dogs and cats from shelters where their age puts them first in line to be euthanized. We find loving homes for adoptable senior pets and offer a peaceful sanctuary life for those that are less adoptable. With your support, Young at Heart gives older dogs and cats another chance to enjoy the twilight of their lives through rescue, foster, adoption and sanctuary.

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in Watkins Glen, NY, and Orland, CA, is a shelter specifically for farm animals. Polly and Dolly, as they've been named, were taken to an animal shelter in Santa Clara. They stayed there for a couple of weeks and then were driven in the back of a pickup to Farm Sanctuary in Orland.

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Since 1993, Farm Sanctuary has maintained a shelter in Orland, California, where it houses farm animals and provides tours. It also has an "Adopt-a-Farm Animal" program where sponsors can pay for the food and care of an animal without taking it home. Farm Sanctuary also adopts out turkeys into private homes.

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