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The heated dog houses come with heaters and ventilator systems that are thermostat controlled so you can make sure Fido doesn't over-heat. A heated dog house just might turn into your pet's new favorite place in the winter. If you'd rather not bother with plugs and thermostats, a microwaveable pad heats up in a few minutes and can provide heat for up to 12 hours at a time. It's not a bad alternative when outdoor electricity might not be an option. If your pet happens to be smaller than a typical outside dog, but still needs a place to keep warm, CozyWinters has other options for warm shelters including those made for cats or other small animals. Our friendly, winter-loving staff invites you to explore our products made especially for pets so the whole family can be comfortable outside when the snow starts to fly. Make sure everyone can enjoy this special time of year and give your pets a warm place to rest outside, too.

Outdoor heated pet beds and pads should be placed on a flat, stable surface rather than on top of a bed or blanket.

Breeders, pet owners, and veterinarians have been using Lectro‐Kennels to warm pets for more than 40 years. Use this unique heated dog pad to keep your special pet warm in even the coldest temperatures, whether outdoors or indoors. Its internal thermostats automatically heat to a dog's natural body temperature and will turn on and off as needed to keep him or her warm and safe.

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Outdoor heated pet beds and pads should be placed on a flat, stable surface rather than on top of a bed or blanket. The durable ABS plastic exterior is easy to keep clean and the steel-wrapped cord deters pets from chewing. The Lectro-Kennel™ can be placed flat on the floor or attached to a dog or cat house wall. This outdoor heated pet pad is thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature, keeping them warm and cozy, even in freezing temperatures.

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The K&H Lectro-Kennel™ heated pad has been around for over 40 years, so you know you are getting the best in an outdoor heated pet bed. This product is used by breeders, dog owners, cat owners, turtle rescues, veterinarians, clinics, zoos and others in order to give pets extra warmth when needed or help animals during recovery.

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And don’t forget water! A frozen landscape means frozen water in outdoor dishes. Check with your favorite pet supply retailers for heated bowls so your pet always has a supply of fresh water to drink. Great for a variety of environments, the from Doctors Foster and Smith is a heated pad that can be used in an outdoor cat shelter or inside with your pets. Available in two sizes, this bed accommodates small and large kitties, as well as moms and their new babies. If you have a dog who’s frequently outside in the cold, the Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed may be just what you’re looking for. This rugged, fleece covered pad comes in three different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one which suits your pet perfectly. Along with the differing sizes, it also comes in a few different variations which offer additional features such as user-adjustable thermostats and igloo-style covers if you don’t already have a sheltered place to place the pad.K&H outdoor heated pet beds feature a removable faux fleece cover. Simply remove this and wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water, then line dry. Please do not attempt to wash the rest of an outdoor heated dog or cat bed.