K&H Pet Products Extra-Wide Outdoor Heated Kitty House, Olive/Black.

Whenever you want to give everything in a comfortable manner to your pets, it is always vital to consider the insulated outdoor dog houses currently available in the market.

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The heated dog houses come with heaters and ventilator systems that are thermostat controlled so you can make sure Fido doesn't over-heat. A heated dog house just might turn into your pet's new favorite place in the winter. If you'd rather not bother with plugs and thermostats, a microwaveable pad heats up in a few minutes and can provide heat for up to 12 hours at a time. It's not a bad alternative when outdoor electricity might not be an option. If your pet happens to be smaller than a typical outside dog, but still needs a place to keep warm, CozyWinters has other options for warm shelters including those made for cats or other small animals. Our friendly, winter-loving staff invites you to explore our products made especially for pets so the whole family can be comfortable outside when the snow starts to fly. Make sure everyone can enjoy this special time of year and give your pets a warm place to rest outside, too.

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outdoor+cat+houses+for+winter | Insulated Outdoor Pet House with Platform The Petmate Kitty Kat Condo can become a perfect shelter for your furry wanderer to set outdoors, thanks to the mold- and rot-resistant properties of the plastic used. The house is suitable for indoor and outdoor use all year round. Featuring a beautiful doom-shaped construction with a hood over the entrance, it can provide your cat with protection and warmth under any weather conditions.

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Dog is truly man’s best friend. That is why it is important to keep your best buddy protected and happy. At Big R Online, we carry a variety of different pet houses, carriers, and cages for dogs. Your dog will love spending some alone time sheltered from the sun in one of our outdoor dog houses that provide unbeatable safety and comfort. Not only do our outdoor dog houses provide the shelter and coziness your dog demands, but they’re also pest resistant and easy to clean. We also carry exercise pens and durable roofed dog kennels that function both indoor and out. Whether you’re looking to potty train your pup or have them outside with you more often, our versatile pet houses are a must for any pet owner. Get yours today!

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Customized Outdoor Cat House ... she doesn't give any how to instructions but we built one ourselves & had wood & the sheet metal roofing that I'd gotten off craigslist for free to make ours, we painted it the same color as our house to blend in and it has two levels, plexiglass windows & we insulated it with house insulation that we had left over sandwiched between the outside wall & the inside wall .......... #DIY #cathouse #cat #diypetprojects #wood #metalroofing #screws #carpet… dog needs his own house for many different reasons, no least of which is because a dog house keeps him warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry in rain. Moreover, the best dog houses for outdoors or indoors provide shelter, and the feeling of safety and security for pets, as well as satisfy their innate feeling to den and hide away.