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In more recent years, pellets or formulated diets have become very popular, especially in the US. They offer an advantage over a seed-based diet in that a parrot cannot pick out and eat only its favorite (usually fatty) seeds. The majority of avian veterinarians will recommend a pelleted or formulated diet, and will extensively discuss with owners what their bird should and should not eat However, although these offer an easy alternative to other foods, they are not the best for many species.[] Many pellets contain artificial food dyes and preservatives that may be harmful[]; however there are "no-color-added" options available on the market. Most pellets contain soy, which is not a part of a parrot's natural diet; however, the diet of wild parrots cannot be replicated in captivity. Avian veterinarians and nutritionists agree the pelleted and formulated diets are the best base diet for pet birds. Although pellets may be advertised as a "complete diet," there are dozens of species of parrots commonly kept as pets, all with varying nutritional needs. There are still many birds which develop problems such as vitamin toxicity, fatty liver disease or gout, despite being on a pelleted diet. A common mistake made by owners feeding pellets is over-supplementing them with fresh food. As a pellet is, essentially, a supplemented grain, supplementing them even more "dilutes" the diet, making the pellets less efficient and the diet unbalanced. The best diet for a bird should be determined by an avian veterinarian.

I have always had cats – and for the better part of my life I have also had pet dogs and birds.

Eclectus parrots come in a variety of sub-species, including the Grand Eclectus, the Vosmaeri, and the Solomon Island Eclectus (Eclectus roratus solomonensis) which is the most commonly found Eclectus in captivity. Originating in the Solomon Islands, this bird is prized for its stunning appearance and great pet quality. A little harder to find than some of the other parrots of this size, the Solomon is easily recognizable once you do find one — you can’t miss an Eclectus! Their feathers do not have a distinct outline like the feathers of other birds; Eclectus parrots look as if they are covered with a fine fur, and along with their day-glow colors, the effect is astounding.

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I would love to have a parrot as a pet. The princess is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.. Attempting to modify an animal’s behavior can be a stressful process for your bird, as well as for you. Give new pets time to adjust to their new home before any training begins. Parrots need to feel secure and familiar in their surroundings. Begin by placing your pet on a proper diet, presented in a complicated way, for a number of months. () . That will be stress enough for most parrots and you may also find that problem behaviors decrease or vanish do to that step alone.

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Perhaps you've seen a colorful, talking bird in a pet shop and thought, "I've always wanted a parrot!" Before you take the plunge, here's a note of caution.

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