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Although we don’t yet have PetSmart’s ad scan for the 2017 Thanksgiving weekend, you can expect to see some really good doorbuster deals and storewide savings of up to 50% off the regular price. It will be an especially good time to save of bedding for your dog or cat, food and treats, and fish and amphibian aquariums. We also expect to see deep discounts on grooming packages so it might be a good time to bring in your dog or cat for a walk-in “pawdicure”. Stay tuned just a little bit longer as we will be uploading all the sale details the moment they become available.

pawdicure at PetSmart Grooming

So Rex doesn’t like having his nails trimmed. When I try to do it, I can get one. Then the next day, Hubby holds him again and I get another. This process takes about two weeks. Stress for him and I get so nervous that I’ll hurt him. But his nails really needed a trim so off to PetSmart for a Pawdicure. But no bandana because of his neck issues.
Rex is so good in the car. He looks out the windows (closed because of the wind phobia) and seems so happy. We get to the parking lot and I open the door, grab the leash, and he doesn’t move. I coax him out. We start to walk toward the store. At each car he stops, tail tucked between the legs, and then bursts by the car. Full stop at the next car, repeat all the way to the end. He stops on the little island, does some business on the little shrub, and then sits down.

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Katie got a PAWdicure at petsmart <3 I was told she was a pleasure to have as a client! I dremel them once a week but today I took him to Petsmart to get a real pawdicure to shorten up his nails more than I'm comfortable doing on my own. This is how they look. The girl said she got them as short as she could but they still look long to me. I wonder if his original owners didn't trim his nails as often as they should and the quick became really long.

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Took all 3 dogs (TOGETHER) for a walk-in "Pawdicure" and it only took about 40 minutes. They were very good with all 3 and the boys now all have well groomed paws Thank you Petsmart

I took my dog to Petsmart to have her "Pawdicure".

Be Merry with Your Best Friend and Save on Festive Holiday Items No matter how you celebrate the holidays with your best friend, PetSmart offers an expansive selection of festive holiday items like costumes and accessories that are on sale on Black Friday. Holiday pet items include costumes and accessories like reindeer antler headbands, plaid collars and coats and Santa Claus suits for dogs and cats. Get your pet photo-ready with 50 percent off the Pawdicure Plus Walk-In grooming package Nov. 27- 29 -- just in time for the holiday card.PetSmart Grooming Salons also offer walk-in services like pawdicure, nail trim or grinding, teeth brushing. ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, and face & sanitary trim.