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My wife & I like to socialize, we like to get out of the house, and we like to travel. We used to end our evenings with, "Its late and we need to feed the dog. When we went away for weekends, we tried boarding our standard poodle with a veterinarian. Big mistake. It cost $420 to put the dog up for 7 days and the dog came home infested with fleas. It took us months and a series of treatments to rid our home and pet the fleas. Finally, when we wanted a weekend getaway, we resorted to imposing on neighbors or family members to please come and feed our dog twice a day. That got old fast.

THEN we got the Perfect Pet Feeder. It was simple to program. I actually read the instructions first. But the device is so intuitive, that probably wasn't necessary.

We keep the Perfect Pet Feeder in our garage and we have a doggie door leading to a fenced back yard. The pet feeder now doles out a breakfast meal, a mid-day light snack, and an evening meal. It does this every day whether we're home or not.

Our dog loves the Perfect Pet Feeder. Everytime she can get out of the house, she runs to see there is more food in her dish. I've seen her standing in the garage affectionately licking the pet feeder, just to be sure that she keeps on very good terms with this magical kibble dispenser.

We love it too. Because now, if we want to be gone an evening or for a week at a time, we just go. (Our dog has both a bed in our bedroom and one near the water heater in the garage. We also have an automatic water dispenser in the garage.) When we're gone there is no expense and there have been no problems at all. We figure that in just six months the Perfect Pet Feeder has paid for itself.

The device itself is very designed and well made. It has been absolutely reliable and we rank it as one of the best purchases we've made. These things are NOT cheap but this is one instance where paying more is truly a good investment.

In fact, I would call the Perfect Petfeeder the KitchenAid of pet food dispensers.

happy I am with my Perfect Petfeeder. I have had several other products from the market and have always been disappointed until now. Having 2 very determined Bengal cats it is important for me to maintain an uninterrupted feeding schedule. Without a reliable automatic feeder I have learned (at all hours of the night) the cats take over the household. The product is so well engineered and constructed that I could never imagine going back to any of the other products I previously tried that would last for only a few months before I had to replace them. Thank you again. The Perfect Petfeeder has been a worthwhile investment."

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Here are some specific features of the Perfect Petfeeder, as listed by the manufacturer: The Perfect Petfeeder receives its operational power from the installed, high-quality, rechargeable battery pack which is maintained fully charged by remaining plugged in using our safe, low-voltage, DC power supply. This system is similar to that found in cordless phones, and provides the power outage protection feature. (see next question)

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In connection with our advertising campaign with Arizona Foothills Magazine, we offered a Perfect Petfeeder for the magazine's November Giveaway. The Editors were blown away by the response. They received over 1400 entries! A record for any of their giveaway contests. But, alas, there could only be one winner. Melissa Y. of Scottsdale, AZ is the lucky entrant and told us she hasn't been able to stop smiling since she won. "I told all my family and friends that if I won I wouldn't need anything else for Christmas. Now I'm a little worried I won't get anything."

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