Did you recently adopt a pet from a Petfinder shelter

There are many lovable cats and dogs available at the County's animal shelter, and pets can help to provide companionship, fun and health benefits! Adoptions hours are Monday - Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

To place a hold on a pet, simply come to our shelter and complete an adoption application.

Approximately 2000 pets are expected to be available for adoption at EMPTY THE SHELTERS locations around the state. Participating organizations will be adhering to their standard adoption requirements for the event and adopters are encouraged to review those requirements prior to April 29. In previous EMPTY THE SHELTERS events, 96% of adopters reported pets remained in their new homes three to six months later; 54% of adopters were first-time adopters; 90% of all adopters planned to adopt again.

Adopting a pet from the Greenville Animal Shelter is easy

See pets available for adoption at the Baltimore County animal shelter. The difference between No-Kill and Open Admissions shelters can be confusing to many people. The term "No-Kill" often eases the mind and sounds more positive to caring individuals, whereas, "Open Admissions" is something vague and not easily understood. First and foremost, the caring and dedicated staff that works at Open Admissions Shelters never wants to have to put any animals to sleep, often going above and beyond to explore all possible avenues to get an animal adopted. Adopting pets out is one of the most important and rewarding responsibilities we have at the Pet Adoption Center. It is the reason that our staff loves their jobs. We feel that all animals deserve a happy, safe and forever home - regardless of where they came from or how they got to us. However, the reality is that this is often not a choice, but a decision that must be made in order to protect the animal or the public.

Finding Your Best Bud We know what you're thinking

When you adopt a pet from a shelter or other rescue organization, you save lives. For every dog or cat you adopt from Austin Pets Alive!, we are able to save at least one more animal.

Isn't it about time you committed to getting a pet