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Thisportable pet tub from Flying Pig seems to be their own take on thepopular listed higher up this page. We've, of course, seen Flying Pig'shigh-end products before in the form of professional grooming tubs, andso we were happy to see them aiming an item towards the more domesticdog-bathers out there! The bath is available in both blue and whitecolors and is built to take small to medium-sized animals (up to 150pounds). The durable plastic tub sits upon a sturdy, but lightweight,leg assembly which can be leveled to cope with uneven floors. Like theaforementioned , it comes with a drain hose for easier emptying via asimple plug hole. The design also boasts three restrainingeyelets, built-in bottle holders and a paw print-patternednon-slip floor. The product is a simple one but we liked it when we sawit. It doesn't have the extras which the hasavailable for it such as a fan nozzle, but it is at a competitive pricefor a raised dog tub. Nothing works like simplicity and, despite thelack of extras, we are happy to award it four and a half stars!

Bathtubs for Pets® Bathing Center to fit you and your pet’s particular needs

Quality pet tubs come equipped with mats for the bottom of the tub or with built-in rubber flooring, which minimize the risk of your pet slipping or falling and injuring itself in the tub, making them safer to use for a dog bath.

Product - Master Equipment Extension Hooks For Tub Stairs.

stainless steel dog pet grooming bath tub, dog bathing tubs, dog tub with sprayer, dog tubs stainless steel, pet tubs stainless Our Pet Self-Wash stations are recently remodeled in all three stores and designed to take the fuss out of giving your pet a bath! Our beautiful walk up tubs allow you to get your pup into the tub without lifting. We provide shampoo, conditioner, towels, aprons, grooming tools, and anything else you might need to help get your pooch clean.
You provide the dog, we provide the clean-up. Self Wash bath tubs are available now at all three of our locally owned pet store locations: PetSaver Webster, PetSaver Greece and PetSaver Brighton!

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We offer Albuquerque's best self-servicedogwash featuring all-natural pet spa productsand ergonomically friendly wash tubs. We supply everything that youneed to get your pet squeaky clean. All we ask of you is to bring inyour dirty pet* and supply the labor. It's a great bonding experiencebetween pet and parent! No appointment is necessary and we do the cleanup! Prices based on pet size. Bathing is open from 10 am - 6pmweekdays, and 10am - 5pm weekends.

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