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Our beds are 100% made in the USA. Although we utilize the latest technology available to improve the lives of animals, we use an old school quality first approach to manufacturing that is very uncommon these days. While most companies are making dog beds overseas for pennies on the dollar, we use skilled craftsmanship to craft true works of art here in the heartland of America. We have 4 stringent quality assurance checks before a product ever leaves our dock. We believe in making only the best quality products that improve animal's lives and make life easier for pet parents. Our quality is a focus on not just creating a finished product that looks good but going farther with sophisticated internal engineering that you will appreciate for years to come. Because of our values and craftsmanship, we offer a ten-year full replacement warranty. It does not simply cover the bed from flattening. It covers the bed against manufacturing defects and even if a zipper breaks. We were the first to bring this type of mentality to this industry and we proudly stand behind every product that carries our name.

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I got this bed for Sammy, our 10 year old (nervous) Golden Retriever who has had broken bones and torn ligaments and is currently suffering from arthritis. I brought so many beds for her in the past, from the run of the mills special from big box pet store to plushy beds sold at LL Bean. Each bed went flat in a matter of months. I also noticed that while she seemed happy with her new beds she always had an adjustment period causing her to spend many hours on the floor as she was initially nervous of them. Most recently I purchased a bed from Petco for $100 with plenty of padding only to find out that she hated the shape of it and would hardly use it. Meanwhile Sammy was not getting better, she would have a hard time getting up in morning and I would frequently hear her moving in middle of the night trying to get comfortable. I knew I had to do something to help her out and started researching beds on internet. I simply wanted a bed that would help support her body and last longer then a month where I didn't have to continually replace them. I very quickly came across the Big Barker bed and did my due diligence in researching it. I was so impressed in what I found. A bed that dose not go flat in couple of months, a company that stands behind its product and quality item that is made in USA. I ordered the bed and made a note to save the box in case it didnt work out, and while there was some adjustment period from Sammy with new Barker I am happy to report that she now loves her bed! She seems to have easier time getting up in morning and seems more peppy. I love the Big Barker bed and will sing its praises. I realize its an investment but trust me when I say that the quality is well worth it. After all like the old saying goes "you get what you paid for".

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West Paw Design dog beds are made in the USA and designed with your pet's total comfort in mind Pluto’s Lounge Premium Pet Beds are made by a few seamstresses at a sewing fabricator located in Redmond Oregon. Manufacturing the Pluto’s Lounge pet bed design does cost more but product development and quality controls are more secure than offshore fabricators. All of Pluto’s Lounge material suppliers are based in the USA.

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Best of all, we are so confident that you and your pet will love this bed that we fully stand behind our products 100%. We offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year manufacturer warranty on materials and workmanship. This is the best large orthopedic memory foam dog bed made, if not, then return it with no questions asked. Our beds are fully made in the USA from foam to zipper to cover and the quality is evident from the very first moment. We have no competition in quality and performance.

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