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The Cocoon Dog Bike Basket is a sporty addition to the DoggyRide line of high quality pet travel products. The Cocoon dog bike carrier comes standard with an interior safety leash, mesh dome cover and clear rain cover. In addition, an integrated shoulder strap allows the dog carrier for your bike to be used as a standard shoulder hung pet carrier. The Cocoon Bicycle Dog Basket is durable, features easy wipe-off fabric, is well designed and well constructed.

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Are you a casual bike rider, or a serious/competitive bicycle rider?It actually doesn't matter - the Co-Pilot dog bike basket is appropriate for all types of bike riders. A dog carrier for your bike is not only a great way to take your small dog along with you when out for a casual ride, but is also a great way to carry things. Whether you have gear to take with you, or are planning a short trip to the store, the Co-Pilot bike dog carrier can serve multiple purposes.

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Bicycle Baskets for Pets | WICKER DOG BICYCLE BASKET carrier Tagalong pet bike carriers Gleaning from what buyers have to say if you look at the above dog bike carrier reviews, it becomes evident that this is a good fit for pets of weights ranging from 8 pounds to 15 pounds. Walky Basket Pet Dog Bicycle Bike Basket & Carrier has ample space and well-cushioned bottom that makes it a comfortable seat and generally secure bike basket for dog to enjoy a ride.

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Take . This carrier includes a sheepskin liner that can be removed for washing and cradles your little guy as if he was still lying in his doggie bed back home. It securely holds pets up to 13 pounds and their unique bracket system means the basket can easily be put on/taken off in just seconds and with just one hand. Three-way adjustability on the bracket means it’s a good fit for any bicycle and won’t interfere with brake cables.

2-in-1 Pet Carrier and Bicycle Basket

Snoozer Pet Rider is meant for dogs of about 24 pounds. It is very easy to install and it is best used with bicycle rack. If the cover gets dirty, you can wash it whenever you want, and since we’re on the subject of the cover, it also has high visibility neon reflective stripe on rear. If you are worried that your dog will jump out of the basket, you can strap it with security straps and not worry at all. Only problem with this carrier is that it can’t be removed easily once it is placed on the bike. You won’t have to leave your pet at home when you go for a bike ride anymore. Dog carriers and baskets allow you to take your favorite pet to any adventure and if you choose any of the models from 10 Best dog bicycle carriers, your dog will be thankful to you.A bicycle pet carrier brings to mind an image of Miss Gulch, the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, riding with Toto in a basket on the front of her bicycle. Adorable as it is to see Toto pop his head up, it’s certainly not a safe way to travel with your pet! Not that safety was a concern in the movie, of course, but as a veterinarian, pet safety is always my top priority.Traveling on bicycles is an economical and environmentally friendly affair with numerous health benefits on the body. Originally enjoyed by humans only, the development of premium pet baskets such as PetBasketCS Crazystone has seen pets join their owners. Made of a lightweight 600D Oxford fabric, it is perfect for traveling. The material is also water-resistant and mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame that supports up to 15 pounds without losing its shape. PetBasketCS Crazystone fits snug on various types of bicycles (road and mountain). Unfortunately, individuals with cruiser-type bicycles or bicycles with T-style handlebars do not benefit from this dog carrier.