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These are just a handful of the many hundreds of bird species available for adoption. There are many other types of birds each with their own unique attributes. Birds can make terrific, loving, and entertaining pets, but they must be matched to the right kinds of owners in the right kinds of settings to thrive. If you are considering adopting a bird, speak to a bird-savvy veterinarian about proper care and chat with other bird owners about what it’s really like to own a particular species. Learn as much as you can before you adopt. Take a look at sites like to see what kinds of birds need homes, visit local shelters to see what birds are available, and contact bird clubs in your area to see if they have foster birds that need permanent homes. With proper knowledge and planning, you can end up with a fascinating, lovable pet that will potentially be around for you and your family to enjoy for many, many years.

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If you're interested in adopting, the first step is to come to the sanctuary and meet our birds. You never know who you may end up falling in love with, or who may end up falling in love with you! When visiting, please keep in mind that our facility is a Parrot rescue and sanctuary, not a pet store. All the birds in our flock have a home at the sanctuary until we consider a new home suitable to benefit them.

8 Questions To Ask When Adopting A Pet Bird

Your Healthy Pet, 61 Church Hill Road, hosted its first bird adoption event on Saturday, January 28, from noon to 2 pm. Bird Sources
Pet birds can be purchased from several different sources, such as pet stores, bird breeders, bird shows and marts, as well as bird adoption groups and other pet bird owners. Exercise caution, check references, and do as much research as possible before you buy. Ask for a written guarantee at the time you make the purchase. Written bird guarantees often require that the bird be checked by an avian veterinarian by a certain period of time. This is to ensure the bird is healthy at the time of purchase because it could be harboring a disease that is not outwardly apparent. If the bird becomes ill outside the guarantee period and was not examined by a vet, the seller is not obligated to refund your money or replace the bird.


Housing Restrictions
Before choosing to adopt a pet bird, find out about possible pet restrictions where you live. Does your apartment or condo allow pets? If so, are there restrictions against birds? If you rent, check your lease to make sure birds are allowed, and see if a pet deposit is required.

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Looking for a pet that can fly, tweet, or even talk? Adopt a bird from the Michigan Humane Society. Visit an MHS adoption center near you and let one of our experienced customer service representatives help find the perfect pet for you and your family.There are to adopting a pet bird versus buying one from a breeder or a pet store. Adoptable birds are usually older pet birds, and set in their ways. They might require a lot of structured attention and care to help them overcome behavior issues. Sometimes rescue birds have developed bad habits, such as , or , which the new owner also will need to work with. However, most adoptable pet birds are very sweet, well-adjusted birds, capable of forming strong bonds with the people who adopt them.