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Cages should also have a number of perches with diameters in various sizes, and many finches will enjoy fine rope to chew on, and swings and toys that are made with straw. Pet owners should also provide cuttlebones for their birds, and it is not a bad idea to add a pinch of grit to the food once or twice a week. Grit should never be offered in a separate dish as finches can impact their crops with the grit if feeling poorly and therefore won’t be able to digest any food.

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Zebra Finches are cheerful and always seem to be happy. They lovely quiet voices that most people find very pleasant. Despite being very small birds, they still need a fairly large cage; their cage should be at least 18 square inches, although bigger is better. Unlike many other pet birds, finches do not usually play with toys. They are happiest when their cage is placed in a quiet location. Zebra Finches can be kept outdoors during nice weather. They enjoy weather from 6- 30 degrees Celsius. However, when outside they should be protected from too much direct sunlight, rain and cats.

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Just like , finches are great for people who enjoy watching birds rather than having a demanding pet that requires a lot of personal attention. Unlike parrots, finches—including canaries—are not the type of birds that will perch on a finger and interact outside their cage with the owner, but they can still make for delightful pets. They are fun to watch, as they are very active, and some are incredibly beautiful, such as the Gouldian finch, which is a living, feathered rainbow of color. Of course, the most popular finch to own is the canary—no other bird can compete with a canary’s incredible singing capabilities.

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Many other male finch species can sing, as well, although not as robustly or loudly as canaries can. Still, these species can make great pets for customers looking for a quieter bird. Zebra finches are the most common softbills sold in pet stores. They are entertaining to watch, hardy, come in an assortment of beautiful color mutations and can be very easy to breed, as males are much more colorful. Society and Gouldian finches are also very popular pets. Gouldians are a bit harder to keep and breed, thus they are more expensive, but these incredibly colorful birds are worth the premium prices they yield.

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