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Work up to using the dryer on your pet to get him used to the sound and the sensation of air blowing on him. Do this in stages: Show him the dryer while it's turned off with treats and praise, turn it on away from him with treats and praise, move it closer and give treats and praise, and so on. That way he learns not to fear the dryer, and you can build on this to make grooming a pleasant bonding experience for you both.

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Also called carpet dryer, stand dryer, or cage dryer, this particular type of dog dryer is composed of a large blower that produces a lot of air flow at a very low pressure. This is a gentle way to dry sensitive dog coats.

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new dryer for dogs dog hair dryer pet blower of high power ultra quietv WHY IS IT AT #3? Although K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer is an excellent, high-quality dryer, some customers reported that it was hard to change the nozzles, something that caused the ranking of this dryer to go down.

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K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer is portable and usable for dogs of all coat types and sizes. It contains an industrial strength 10” hose, an outlet for plugging in clippers, an extra air filter, and a one-year-warranty. You can use it with a double-hose or even in a cage. There are two speed choices and two temperature choices to pick from. The heat comes from the motor, not an outside heating element.

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First, you want to remove any long, narrow, or pointy blower hose and instead, use the largest hose to get started. Be sure it is fully compatible with your pet blow dryer; they are usually delivered together. For fluff-drying a dog, we generally only want to use a fat and large hose to avoid blasting an overly concentrated airflow that would straighten the dog’s coat. For big dogs or dogs with an undercoat, you mayGenerally, a groomer will use a small or portable air dryer on the dog. Air dryers are especially beneficial when it comes to dogs with thick fur or an undercoat. Sometimes, a groomer will use a kennel attached to a blow dryer. Oftentimes, the noise of the dryer or sensation of the air blowing may cause panic or distress in a pet.A traditional hair dryer is another tool many dog owners use after bath time. The B-Air Fido Max 1 dog dryer is the best dog dryer for home grooming because it’s superior to traditional hair dryers. Traditional hair dryers are loud and may scare your pet, while quiet dog hair dryers get the job done without frightening your animal. Traditional hair dryers blow hot air and may cause burns, while our safe dog hair dryer products offer just enough heat to get the job done without putting your pet in danger. Traditional hair dryers also struggle to remove loose fur and get your pet completely dry, while our high-velocity dryers for dog grooming remove all loose fur and achieve complete dryness. Other methods of home pet drying simply don’t stand up to B-Air® Fido Max 1 pet dryer. For too long pet owners have resorted to towels, blow dryers or air drying methods. Leave these flawed approaches behind and step into the future of home dog drying.