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A meditation on the long life of petrochemicals, Zurkow’s body bags for various animals are crafted by hand with Tyvek. Working the flexible paper-like surface into flesh, each is filled with a colorful assortment of virgin and post-manufacture debris, such as regrind and floor-sweep. As death masks, the folk-art quality of these somber pieces associates them with the rituals of remembering the beloved and the storytelling traditions of representational embroidery. In her tender treatment of each subject, Zurkow evokes funeral urns and the tombs of Egypt’s royalty, as the decorative patterning on each vessel recalls a technologically manufactured and human vocabulary of excess.

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Well, for people who actually called the number, the offer may have lost some of its appeal when they learned that the “gift” bags are actually body bags! If readers knew the ad was placed by PETA, they may have expected the shocking twist, but why would we want to give away a little detail like that?

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The Blessing Bag is used to enhance dignity and value at the end of life. Personal messages can be written on the Blessing Bag, whether sending a pets body home for burial, to a pet cemetery, transport for cremation, owner viewing. The Blessing Bag is so much more than the traditional cadaver bag or body bag.

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We understand the importance of a person's pet and how it's an extension of the family so we now produce Body Bags for Pets. These body bags are manufactured with the same care and consideration as all of our other body bags.The first thing to do is to put the body of the pet in a plastic bag and begin cooling the core body temperature as rapidly as possible. If the body cannot be kept in a refrigerator, you may keep it in an insulated cooler containing ice or ice bags, or you can sandwich the body between ice bags. A freezer can be used to cool the body temperature but freezing the body should be avoided if possible.