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Deemed a “professional strength” vacuum with adjustable suction features, this product has been good to us on our carpets which vary in pile height. It also has a great floor setting which makes zipping it through the entire house a breeze. It’s lightweight and maneuvers like a dream, which seems to be a common review I hear when talking to my friends about my affinity for Shark vacuums, as adults do. Even our 10-year old has been overheard expressing her love of its drive. The attachments are fairly standard as far as vacuums go, but as I said above, the handheld brush is our favorite add-on.

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The durable, soft rubber bristles on the pet brush provide gentle grooming and more comfort for both dogs and cats-- it's almost like they're getting a massage! Plus, the bristles remove deeper hair, unwanted matting and debris from a pet's coat while distributing natural oils thoughout to keep it cleaner and healthier. Now it's simple to groom a pet, just attach the new pet brush to any central vacuum or canister vacuum with a standard 1-1/4" hose diameter!

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hot sale 2017 Hera jewy Vacuum Cleaner Pet Brush - Vatcuum Nozzle Attachment 1.25''(32mm) While a dog hair vacuum that has a 45 degree angle is easiest to use, others have a rounded end instead. This round shape is also easy to work with and allows pet owners to give their pooches a bit of a massage. Although some pet owners worry about the suction being too strong for their pet, most find that this clever device works just fine and won’t bother a pooch in any way. In fact, many dogs enjoy being vacuumed instead of brushed, as the bristles on combs can be irritating and rough to a pet’s fur. Even more exciting is that a dog vacuum brush is more effective than just brushing or combing, as it collects the follicles and dead particles from the undercoat. In this way, you’re able to be proactive and prevent these allergens from landing on the home’s surfaces.

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The smart shape of these brushes is also noteworthy, as the metal shedding blade prevents flyaway fur from sticking, a common complaint with soft bristles. The head is made from plastic, making it lightweight and easy to use, and most feature a type of non-slip handle that gives pet owners a firm grip on the device. Reviewers also love the ease of this product, as de-shedding pooches has never been faster or easier than with a dog brush vacuum.

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First and foremost, it doesn’t clog on long pet hair whether on the brush roll, hoses or dirt cups. Even some vacuum cleaners advertised for pet owners clog on long hair while easily picking up pet hair, dander and spilled pet food.The included accessory bag holds attachments for bare floor cleaning and dusting, but it is the NV752’s ‘pet specific’ attachments that are of particular interest. A handheld power brush unit loosens and cleans even the most ground-in dirt and pet hair. The unit also includes an attachment for removing pet hair from upholstery, furniture, and curtains. Few vacuums for dog hair provide so many cleaning tools for different situations and difficulty of the job.