May 3, 2017 - I build custom made pet burial boxes

There is a natural pet burial movement, although it’s a relatively small one. Founded in 2010 by Eric Greene, the is a nonprofit organization that offers “support for a gentle return” and seems to be the go-to resource for those curious about pet burials where eco-friendly/, shrouds and unadorned pine boxes placed in natural settings are favored over plastic boxes and immaculately landscaped pet cemeteries. The Green Pet-Burial Society maintains a list of participating including green cemeteries like in Swansea, S.C., and the in Glendale, Fla., that allow pet remains to be buried in family plots.

Pet Supplies : Pet Burial Boxes, intro pack (3 Small, 2 Medium,1 Large)

Yes, the idea behind these boxes was for transporting a pet’s remains around town, perhaps from the vet’s or the home to a retort for cremation. I remember burying our family’s Bassett Hound in the back yard, wrapped in an old comforter.

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JorVet Pet Burial Boxes, Introductory Pack 1 - Jorgensen Labs In this YouTube video, Jim Hardy talks about the company’s corrugated cardboard boxes and wire trays for transporting pet remains for cremation or burial. It’s a much more dignified way to move your deceased best buddy than wrapped in an old blanket or inside a plastic trash bag.

JorVet Pet Burial Boxes, Medium 1 - Jorgensen LabsJorgensen Labs

Many families choose make their own burial boxes and grave markers, but we do have some available for purchase on our . We could be happy to work with you to ensure your pet has the exact right items for burial. We also offer body holding services if you would like to arrange for burial and would like us to keep your pet’s body safe until final arrangements are made. The service fee for body holding is $10/day or $150/month.

JorVet Pet Burial Boxes, Medium 1

For a professional way to return a deceased pet, we offer these cardboard burial boxes. They are imprinted with an attractive wheat border and "IN LOVING MEMORY" on the top.Other pets have been typically buried three feet or so and have never been troubled in any way. They have been wrapped in cloth or put in cardboard boxes, but nothing more elaborate than that has ever been needed. If this is enough to deter bears, foxes, raccoons, and whatever else might be interested in scavenging out here, I'm sure it's enough for dogs. These elegant and timeless keepsake boxes are designed to hold cremation remains or keepsakes, such as a portion of the remains, a lock of fur, and tags in loving memory of a lost pet. They are made of seasoned linden wood from the Tatra Mountain region of Poland. The skilled artisans of this region employ centuries-old traditions and meticulous handcraftsmanship to create a finished product of uncompromising quality. The use of feathered corner joints and raised interior lining ensures the box’s enduring value as a lasting keepsake. These boxes are entirely decorated by hand using various combinations of carving, burning and staining techniques.This is the professional and respectful way to return deceased pets to their owners. No more need to use old drug boxes. It is suggested to use a J0108 cadaver bag, then place the animal in the burial box. 11.35 lbs.