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Nupafeed® CALMdog® calmer can be introduced to the dogs’ diet by adding directly to the normal feeding routine or administer directly into the mouth preferably after feeding - 1/2 to 1 hour later. The compound is totally safe and allows the level to be adjusted, enabling owners to find a level that suits each individual animal. Ideal for all working dogs and those taking part in competition as well as all types of stressed dogs.

Music- You have hours of pre-loaded repeating Pet Acoustics calming music for your pet.

so i have been using pet remedy forever, and i love it!!! i was recently bitten by my own cat which ended up with me in a and and e, all because he got so wound up with a stray that comes to see me. so i have like a conservatory building attached to my house leading out into the cat run. i got my OH to drill a hole through the wall so i could plug in an exention lead to plug a pet remedy diffuser in the conservatory. also the little hanger thing you get with the bottle i have attached it inside the shelter outside which i have for the stray cat. although they do still try and get at each other and fight through the cat run.. truffle ( the one that bit me ) is actually alot calmer and would rather give the stray a few hisses, growls and howls rather than trying to launch himself at the stray. so pet remedy has helped me once again. thank you !

From Pet Acoustics: Ultra Calmer Collar

Pet Acoustics Ultra Calmer - Speaker on collar is pre-loaded with soothing music for dogs Of all the uses of essential oil blends in pets, the most commonly cited one is to use lavender oil to help keep a pet calm while traveling. This specific essential oil has also been linked to helping pets avoid car sickness.

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This is Ali he is 12 years old and has always suffered with stress cystitis. I have tried many products over the years to help him but nothing has ever really managed to help calm and relax him but I can honestly say pet remedy does! Ali is an anxious cat and doesn’t cope with any kind of change even down to a slight change in his daily routine can set him off. We have had a pet remedy diffuser plugged in since February of this year and he is like a different cat. He does still get the occasional bout of cystitis but that’s mainly down to major stress in his life like when his mum went on holiday for a week that was to much for him to cope with but on a day to day basis he’s doing really well I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a nervous or anxious pet and see the results for yourself. Many thanks from Ali and his happy owner.

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