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Offering the smallest and lightest activity monitor/GPS tracker for pets, this tech device is a great addition to your dog monitor camera system. Enabled with WiFi capability and GPS tracking, Pod monitors and record’s your dog’s activity and his exact location. Note that while Pod is WiFi-enabled, it depends on your 2G coverage; be sure to use the coverage checker tool (on the Pod website) before purchase.

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Furbo is another promising new entry into the ever expanding Smart Pet Camera market. This one is designed specifically to be used for dogs, who are more responsive to treats than lasers. It features an HD camera with night vision, treat dispenser and a set of light and sound signals to interact better with your dog. It also can detect barks and movement to alert you when your dog is excited. Here is our review of Furbo, from unpacking the device to playing back the recorded video’s and shooting treats.

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Our experts researched dozens of of pet cams. We chose the best pet cameras for dogs, cats and other pets based on performance, quality and ease of use. In this list of best dog cameras below, I've given the top pet cameras for dogs and their monitoring on the market. These dog cameras have been researched, analyzed, and their customer reviews have been sifted through as well to give all the accurate information needed to help you make an informed decision. I'll give you a brief overview of the products, as well as an explanation of their position on the list—the good, the bad and what customers had to say about these best dog cameras. By the end, I hope you’ll do your own research as well and then make a well-informed decision on what camera you want to buy for your precious pup.

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The above overview of best cameras for dogs should give pet owners a good idea of best rated dog supplies, but please also make sure that you read the more about top pet monitoring camera reviews from multiple customers before you purchase any dog products.

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Best pet treat dispenser, hands down! The Furbo dog camera launches treats by using the Furbo app. Sound and lights alert your dog before a treat is dispensed, allowing them to get into position for the catch! Even better, the Furbo dog camera has an excellent HD camera, high quality sound, and Apple Watch compatibility. Furbo also has barking alerts, which is completely unique to this pet camera only. While the Kittyo is better for cats, the Furbo is more suited for dogs.There are so many things we do to make sure our family and friends are safe. But what about our dogs? Do you ever wish there was a way to check in our your pup or let them hear your voice when you are away? Luckily, there are pet cams! Pet cameras are perfect for when you’re out of the home for a little while and you need to make sure your furry friend is doing well at home alone. Here are some of the many pet cams out there and what each does best!