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The VIP Petcare Medical Board has determined that this vaccine represents the “best medicine” for cats and as such, VIP Petcare will only make this vaccine available for the prevention of rabies in our feline clients.

to enroll your ADULT CAT in the Lunenburg Veterinary Hospital Pet Care Club for Adult Cats.

Throughout the United States and Canada, there are approximately 9,000 boarding kennels offering their services to more than 30,000,000 pet owners annually. Boarding kennels are businesses designed and operated specifically to care for pets, as distinguished from breeding kennels, which are devoted to producing puppies; training kennels, which take in dogs for hunting, protection, and other types of specialized training; and veterinary hospitals, which are designed to care for sick and injured animals. Most boarding kennels provide a variety of pet services, such as boarding, grooming, training classes, pet supply sales, and pet shipping. Although the vast majority of boarded pets are dogs and cats, many kennels also offer boarding for horses, birds, reptiles, and exotic pets.

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PLUS as a member of the Lunenburg Veterinary Hospital’s PREMIUM Pet Care Club for Adult Cats, you and your cat will benefit from the following: The struggle with cat owners is finding the best spot for their needs. Some may believe that their cats are better served by staying in their home environment. Others may see that their cats, though independent and less needy than other pets, still need regular human interaction and care. This guide will help you decide which choice is best: Lodging or Staying Home.

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Royal Pet Care LLC’s cat sitting service is available in the entire Treasure Valley, Idaho. We treat your pet like our own and pride ourselves in the love and attention we give your sweet cats. Don’t feel guilty while you are away we would be delighted in helping with all your kitty needs. Our experienced pet loving staff will give you peace of mind that your beloved feline gets quality attention. We have years of experience caring for animals and just love giving TLC. Contact us to discuss your unique professional cat sitting needs today!

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