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PetCare believes pet insurance is a good option for most people and the best time to select a plan is before something happens to your pet. A serious injury or illness potentially can cost thousands of dollars. A number of pet insurance companies offer good policies. PetCare recommends Pets Best Pet Insurance.

Wheaton Animal Hospital’s Preventative Care Plans are not pet insurance—they’re better.

When you have pet insurance, you can focus on working with your veterinarian to get your pet the treatment it needs, whether it’s an emergency, a potentially debilitating injury, a serious or even minor illness. On our side of your pet’s care, having pet insurance allows us the ability to use the highest quality diagnostics, treatments, and products for the most efficient recovery plan possible.

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*Wellness Rewards is not insurance but a stand-alone routine care plan to help you budget and pay for the routine care of a pet. Cut out unnecessary extras: If you’re never planning on breeding your pet, paying more for an insurance plan that includes pregnancy care may not make sense. The same holds true for various riders or extended coverage options that may sound good in theory but may contain a bunch of extras you are unlikely to use.

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Shots and vaccinations are generally NOT covered by standard pet insurance policies. However, some companies offer “wellness” policies that will cover vaccines and other routine preventative care like physical exams. Wellness plans are offered as additions to standard policies, but in some cases can be purchased alone.

Looking for the best pet insurance plans

1. Accident and illness plans
These are the most common—and popular—type of pet insurance plans available. While individual companies will vary what they offer, these plans typically cover injuries, illness, emergency care, surgery, hospitalization, cancer, allergies, diabetes, foreign body ingestion, and much more. Hereditary and congenital conditions should also be covered in these plans—such as hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, cherry eye, IVDD, Wobbler Syndrome, glaucoma and epilepsy.Pet Wellness plans are generally for proactive, preventative pet care specifically designed for pet owners to receive discounts on routine pet services. The idea behind Tinseltown’s pet wellness plans is that it is far better to bring your seemingly healthy pet in for a series of scheduled routine checkups than to wait for something frightening and frighteningly expensive to happen. There are no deductibles with wellness plans, but it is also important to note that they differ from pet insurance in that they “DO NOT” cover unexpected pet health issues or emergency pet care situations.