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Due to Federal regulations, you’ll need to provide written certification that your pet has been fed and offered water within four hours (with the specific time noted) of your delivering them to the airport. Yup, things have tightened up, so you'll need to find yourself a notary. This certification needs to be securely and visibly attached to the outside of the kennel/pet carrier and must contain your signature with the date and time you signed it. You’ll also need to provide feeding and watering instructions for a 24-hour period, presumably in case your pet is lost or somehow separated from you during the trip. Be aware that unless specified by a vet, you cannot just leave instructions saying “no food or water." Check with the airlines for all the specifics and whether you need to provide them (the air carrier) with your pet's food before take off or what to do in the event of a lengthy delay.

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As with any airline, the carrier has to be made of nylon with mesh windows for proper air flow, and must be water repellent, in case of an ‘accident’ your pet may have during the flight. This carrier will be counted as your carry-on bag.


high quality oxford Pet travel bag Pet bag dog bag cat carrying case Pet carrier,NEW! Allowable pet carrier dimensions vary for each airline, and in some cases even the seat. Although it's rare, some airlines assign different carrier limits for particular seats, meaning you may have more or less space than the person next to you, due to restrictions on under-seat space. Some airlines don’t allow animals to travel in the passenger cabin at all. Among those that do, carrier size regulations differ by a few inches. Frontier Airlines boasts the largest carrier size permitted at 24 inches wide, 15.5 inches deep and 9.5 inches tall, but that size is only allowed on some of its aircraft, according to Frontier data. Alaska and United share the tightest size restrictions, with a maximum size of 17 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 7.5 inches high for hard-sided kennels. Both airlines allow for slightly larger kennels if the sides are soft.

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A super airy carrier that is great for pups who get travel anxiety. Three vented areas allow for extra airflow and more visibility for the pup to see outside. There are also three zippered areas for easy access in case you need to reach inside and give your pup a pet.

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