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2. Some folks are not too keen on declawing their pets, as it can completely change a body part of their pet. While claw covers only make cat nails blunter, they don't really modify your pet's body parts or look.

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A variety of alternatives exist to manage natural scratching behavior, behavioral issues and to prevent injury from cat scratches. These include having a cat’s nails trimmed regularly in order to blunt the tips, providing scratching pads, posts and other appealing structures for the cat to use and employing behavior modification techniques to induce the cat to use them, using deterrents such as double-sided tape to protect furnishings, and covering the claws with soft temporary. Pet parents should also be familiar with cat behavior and proper handling techniques to avoid being scratched.

Easy to use, simply trim claws, add adhesive and apply

Hot 20PCS Dog Cat Nail Covers Pet Claw Paws Caps Adhesive Glue Animal Protection Some pets may require an adjustment period. Pet’s fastidious natures sometimes cause them to groom the claw covers excessively at first. This may result in one or two falling off – No problem. Just check the claws daily at first and if one is missing, simply replace it with another from the package. Thus, the first package may not last as long as subsequent packages.

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However, our pets were already damaging our hardwood floors, wallpapers, and new furniture, so we decided to look into cat nail covers to lessen the impact of their claws on our surfaces. If you're going through the same ordeal, our review might help you decide whether this product is for you.

For you dog people, Soft Claws is also available for dogs.

Before you apply each nail cap to your pet's claw, put glue into it and squeeze the sides gently. If it overflows, there is too much. If it doesn't cover the entire inside of the cap evenly, there isn't enough. Once you've got the right amount of adhesive in the nail cap, place it on your pet's claw, and apply pressure evenly all around it. Soft Claws nail caps for cats is made by the same makers of the Soft Paws line sold by vets and pet shops. They offer claw covers that are placed on top of your cat's nails, creating a cushioning effect for their claws so you can lessen their destructive capabilities. With nail caps, your cat's claws won't be able to build deep gashes on surfaces and your skin. As these nail caps can stay on for up to 6 weeks, maintenance can be a lot easier.The are claw covers designed to lessen the destructive effects of cat scratching. Developed with the help of veterinarians, these products are meant to follow the natural shape of your cat's claws, so your pet won't be bothered wearing them and so they won't impede the natural growth and movement of their nails. Shop for cat nail caps at Petco and discover a cost-efficient and painless claw cover solution. Although scratching is perfectly natural for your feline, it can become a problem when your furniture, drapes and carpets become their preferred targets. Cat nail caps can also keep them from scratching a persistent itch raw. Moreover, cat claw covers can even help keep your pet from accidentally scratching you during playful games.