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My heart is broken at the thought of what those poor animals went thru. Petco should be brought up on charges for murder and negligence (at the very least). I never really liked the chain and hardly even walked thru the doors, much less purchased anything there…but now, I vow to NEVER buy or go into another Petco again! Their prices are much higher than other chains anyway, so this senseless negligence and murder is the BEST reason to boycott their stores from now on! I have never thought pet chain stores should sell live animals. Most employees cannot even tell you about the animals they have in their care. And these pet chains NEVER tell you about the “backroom” where they have sick and dying animals. I have heard and read many complaints about Petco and as far as I am concerned, their license to sell any animals should be revoked nationwide. Besides, they get their animals from warehouses that abuse animals and if we can eliminate live animal sales from pet stores, it will put these warehouses out of business. The cruelty has to stop. If it were not for PETA, the word would not be out exposing animal cruelty and senseless heartbreaking exposure of what humans do to God’s creatures. I urge everyone to talk about animal cruelty every chance you get!!!

What the…. Animals shouldn’t be treated like this! Petco, PetSmart, you guys are maniacs!

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90 percent: The percentage of pet owners who consider their animal a part of the family Petco and PetSmart also returned sick and injured animals to the so-called farm, several of whom died shortly after. "Some rats evidently carried rat-bite fever-a potentially fatal disease transmissible to humans that has led to two lawsuits against Petco," PETA said.

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Holmes Farm supplies animals to hundreds of pet stores along the East Coast, according to PETA, including chains like Petco, PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus.

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