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OUTSTANDING Sponge filled E-COLLAR FOR DOGS & CATS. This protective cone for pets is just what you need for the most comfortable and effective protection during recovery. Your pet won’t be able to bite injured areas.

on sale Soft Recovery Pet Cone E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs by Weeway

Comfy Cone E-Collar for Dogs & Cats is the only soft, cone-shaped e-collar with removable stays for dogs and cats. Its unique design conforms to doorways, pet doors and any other openings your pet passes through, giving your dog or cat the freedom to move about naturally. The Comfy Cone features removable stays for more structure when needed. While supervising your pet, you can remove the stays to fold the cone back for more freedom while eating and drinking. Elastic loops allow your pet’s collar to pass through, keeping the Comfy Cone E-Collar securely in place. The soft, durable design is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. And the collar direction can even be reversed for shoulder or upper back injuries, as well as IV lines. Comfy Cone E-Collar for Dogs & Cats is veterinarian-tested and recommended, so you can confidently keep your pet safe and comfortable as he heals.

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Soft Recovery Pet Cone E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs by Weeway on sale Elizabethan collars, or E-collars, are protective plastic cones that stop your kitty from licking or scratching at incisions or injuries. Most domestic cats spend one or two miserable weeks wearing the collar after their spay or neuter operation. Your pet likely will have a difficult time eating, drinking and using the litter box for the first few days of his E-collar experience.

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Ah, the dreaded "cone of shame…"

Any time after surgery, we strive to send your pet home with an incision that looks as nice as possible. The plastic cone or E collar (for Elizabethan collar) was created to prevent licking. Without it, licking or chewing can cause irritation and infection, which may leave a hairless, discolored, ugly scar – for life.

Despite the stubborn urban legend that animal saliva speeds up healing, licking an incision is a sure way to slow down healing. The tongue, especially in cats, is so rough that it can destroy healing tissue and therefore delay healing. Worse: depending on the particular pet or level of discomfort, licking can lead to nibbling and chewing, especially when nobody is around to watch or distract them.

I cannot begin to count how many times pet parents ask me if their pet really has to wear an E collar. And I cannot begin to add up all the extra money owners have paid to fix open incisions at their vet or the emergency clinic. Pets have an amazing inherited skill, which allows them to chew up twenty stitches or staples in less than two seconds flat. By the time you realize it, it’s too late!

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