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Another concern is dogs riding on uncovered pickup beds. The sun heats up the metal truck bed and can burn your pet’s pads. Have Rover ride in the cab with you, put him in a secure crate, or please leave him at home and inside a cool place.

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Owners can apply rubbing alcohol on the pet's paw pads, and cool the body with cool, wet towels--and/or use cooling fan directed toward pet-- en route to the vet, but need to get veterinary attention immediately (owners should NOT *continually or for long periods of time* apply cold/wet water or towels to the pet because the condition can fast lead to HYPO-thermia, this is the reason for immediate veterinary attention. Owners should also NEVER immerse the pet in ice.

Enchanted Home Pet CO2459-13 TheraCool Cooling Pads new

high-quality Bestwoohome Foldable Pet Rattan Mats Summer Sleeping Cooling Pads for Dogs/Cats Pets are smarter than we give them credit for, and prefer staying at home and laying on cool surfaces (like your tiled kitchen floor) in the heat of the day, Dr. Aspros said. Save your outdoor time with your pet for early in the morning or in the evening once the sun has set. By taking your daily walk, run or visit to the park either before or after the sun is at its hottest, the air will be easier for your pet to breathe and the ground will be cooler on the pads of their paws.

Enchanted Home Pet CO2459-13 TheraCool Cooling Pads

Help your pet cool down: First, get your pet out of direct heat. Check for signs of shock and take your pet’s temperature if possible. Offer water to drink. Then: use a fan to blow cool air on the pet; place water-soaked towels (or running water) on the pet’s head, neck, feet, chest and abdomen; rub isopropyl alcohol (70%) on a dog’s foot pads for cooling (do not allow dog to ingest). Do not use ice-cold water or ice—use cool water to avoid shock.

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manufactures of the Cool Pet Pad have the following product description on their website: Our Patent-Pending Cooling Bed is the only one that doesn’t need water or electricity. The cooling pad is weight or pressure activated. As soon as your pet lies down, the cooling effect starts. And it lasts for up to four hours (depending upon conditions)! You can put it in the refrigerator to super cool it and it will be cooler & last longer. The padrecharges automatically after a short period of non-use. You can supercool your pad by putting it in the refrigerator or freezer and it will last up to 6 hours.A dog cooling pad is a product that’s manufactured to keep dogs cool in the summers. If you reside in an area that’s hot throughoutthe year, you should consider purchasing a cool pad, cool mat or cool bed to give your pet some relief from the heat. Although there are several companies that manufacture cool beds in particular, you should look for cool pads that don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxic substances. Cooling pads that don’t require electricity are also easy for use. Since these cooling pads offer dogs a cool spot to sit or lie on, most pets become accustomed to the cooling pad within a few days of use.