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Pet Dreams Sleepeez dog beds and crate pads use only the highest quality, durable fabric and construction which is why we're able to confidently provide you with a lifetime guarantee on unlimited washings. That's right, lifetime. But don't just take our word for it -read our reviews and see for yourself!

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The self-warming version of the dog crate mat doesn’t make a loud crinkling noise (which tends to be an issue for other self-warming pet beds). The clever slits on the corner of these mats make them the perfect fit for almost any sized crate.

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Search Pet Crate Beds Get Results from 6 Engines at Once Custom dog crate mats and crate pads made in the USA! We have partnered with a small Cut & Sew fabric shop in the New England area to bring you the largest selection of "butter-soft" fabrics you will find anywhere for your pet. In addition to these dog crate mats, we have an entire line of custom sewn pet beds, see the related products below for more models.

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The Pet Dreams plush collection is a super soft micro fiber, made of 100% durable, high quality polyester that's sure to stand the test of time. Best yet, contrary to most other dog beds and crate pads, this 3 piece set is completely machine washable. From day one to day 1,001. This three piece set includes:

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15 Ways To Prevent Dogs From Chewing Furniture and Belongings. We’ve all been there. You turn your back for a moment or you leave your dog unsupervised, and you’ve lost a precious item because it's been chewed to bits. There are many ways to prevent dogs from chewing furniture, dog crates, beds and other belongings, but many owners are confused because they do not know which dog training tips will work for pets. Let's analyze this. #dogs #chewing #puppyproofing #puppies #furniture #adoptWe understand that crates come in many sizes and designs. If you specifically need a crate mat to line your crate, you are at the right page. If you need a more general pet bed, please proceed to pet beds.