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The keeping of home aquaria is one of the most popular hobbies globally. In contrast to the ornamental fish trade, decapod crustaceans such as shrimps, crayfish and crabs are relatively new to the pet trade. Nevertheless, the popularity of ornamental shrimp in freshwater aquaria has rapidly increased in recent years. Indonesia is one of the leading producers and exporters of ornamental aquatic animals globally and the Czech Republic is a gateway for these animals into the European Union territory. The pathway for introductions of organisms unintentionally moved in association with ornamental shrimps via the international trade has to date not been evaluated. We examined a small number of shrimps imported from Indonesia into the Czech Republic in May 2015 and found large numbers of the protozoan Vorticella sp., one species of scutariellid temnocephalidan (Caridinicola sp.), and one species of bdelloid rotifer, associated with two species of atyid shrimps, indicating an invasion risk from fauna carried unintentionally by this vector. Although our observations were limited in scale, we estimate the total number of commensal fauna imported into the Czech Republic with ornamental shrimps via the pet trade to be in the order of hundreds of thousands per month. As attached organisms can directly or indirectly cause diseases in certain species of decapod crustaceans, we recommend five steps to reduce risks of introduction of “hitchhikers” to aquaria and wildlife.

freshwater crustaceans you can get food from them at your local pet store.

Yes, pets may be carried either in the cabin or as checked baggage. Dogs, cats, birds (except birds of pray), fish, aquarium tortoises, and some rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, or small rabbits) are allowed in the cabin. Amphibians, insects, crustaceans, reptiles, other rodents, and ferrets must be carried as cargo.

The hermit crab is among the most popular crustaceans pets.

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Shimmering carapaces and rattling claws make colourful freshwater crabs attractive to pet keepers. To answer the demand, fishermen are busy collecting and trading with the crustaceans, often not knowing what exactly they have handed over to their client.

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Vampire crabs, so named because of their glowing yellow eyes, have become popular as pets, but the origin of some of these spooky-looking crustaceans has been cloaked in mystery. Much like , these little guys are often misunderstood by the pet trade, leading to very short lives in captivity. Crabs are not simply neat additions to a freshwater aquarium, but specialized crustaceans that require a little different habitat and care to thrive and be their most intriguing. Here’s why: Lukhaup, who has helped uncover the wild origins of various shrimps and other freshwater crustaceans sold as pets, finally tracked the crabs down in central Java.Just like with other freshwater crustaceans you can get food from them at your local pet store. It is possible that these little crabs could eat fish, but only if the fish was small and slow enough and the crab was large and fast enough. Honestly, I consider it very unlikely that they will eat their fishy tank mates.