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2. A second approach is to use a pin lock, c-clamp lock or dead-bolt lock to lock the glass door against the pet door. These can be used for both temporary and semi-permanent types of installations and are extremely effective. Note that pin locks are most readily used when the sliding panel is on the inside track. If it is on the outside track (an uncommon situation), it may be easier to install a threshold mount dead-bolt type lock. These are available from us in the section but also in any local hardware.

Our Custom Pet Door Inserts for Sliding Glass Patio Doors Are A Great Addition To Your Home.

They’re made of tough, double-pane tempered glass with smoothly moving flaps. Flap replacements are available whenever required. While fixing your vinyl dog doors, get one that’s right for your pet, otherwise they may avoid using the door, they may have to squeeze uncomfortably through it, injure/scrape their backs, spoil the patio door or the vinyl dog door itself while trying to get in and out. The options available include left/right vinyl sliders and color choices to suit your décor.

Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Vinyl Patio Doors

A: The Thermo Panel 2e Microchip Patio Panel pet door can be used for sliding doors. Some pet doors guard against the weather better than others. A well made pet door will keep the weather outside while letting your pets inside, as well as be durable enough to withstand the elements! Top choices for weather-proof dog and cat doors for sliding glass doors would be brands like Endura Flap () and Hale (and ).

Ideal E-Cat Pet Door Panel for Sliding Glass Doors

Give your pets more access to your home and the outdoors. With no cutting required, the PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door is easy to install. The patio panel inserts into your sliding glass door frame and automatically adjusts to heights between 76 3/4" and 81" on standard patio doors. The Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door features a heavy-duty aluminum frame, weather stripping, tempered safety glass, and a replaceable magnetic flap. A closing panel allows you to restrict your pet's use and keeps the pet door closed when it is not in use. The Patio Panel Sliding Glass Door also features a reversible lock for right and left opening patio doors.

Premium Dual Pane Glass | Dual Flap Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors

Would you rather not cut holes in any walls or doors inside your house? Do you have a sliding glass door with aluminum frame leading out to the patio? Then the Fast Fit Pet Patio Door™ with all of its customizable options is right for you.5 'Custom heights' are for adjustment ranges other than the standard ones. An important example is installation of a short panel pet door in a sideways sliding window. The customers measurement is placed near the middle of the adjustment range. Custom height orders may be placed on the web or in writing. They are not returnable. The manufacturer warranty still applies.