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(: ). The draftstopper is a wide vinyl weather stripping section that attaches to the back side of your sliding door. When an insert is installed, your sliding door breaks the seal between the slider and fixed panel. This weather stripping will seal out any drafts. The top section of the Ideal Patio Pet Door floats on two tension rods that compress or expand to obtain the best possible fit in the patio door frame. The top is fit into the upper patio slider track and the bottom rests on the bottom slider track. Once in place, there are two thumb bolts that lock the top section into place to prevent the Patio Pet door from being removed from the outside.

Our Custom Pet Door Inserts for Sliding Glass Patio Doors Are A Great Addition To Your Home.

This beautifully designed, high-quality patio pet door inserts into the frame of your sliding glass door and automatically adjusts to the proper height. The panel can be installed in the left or right door, and it has an UltraSeal® energy-conserving flexible flap system to reduce energy loss. The Patio Panels are available in Satin, Bronze, and White in four sizes that fit up to 81" tall sliding glass doors. Panels for sliding glass doors up to 96" tall are available in White in 3 sizes.
Available in 4 sizes: Small for pets up to 12 lbs., Medium for pets up to 40 lbs., Large for pets up to 100 lbs., and Large-Tall for pets up to 130 lbs.

Adjustable Pet Patio Insert for Sliding Glass Doors

Enjoy the Freedom of a Pet Door With our Unmatched Sliding Door Inserts Don't just assume that 'it's standard' as they do vary. Using a ruler, measure inside the track, very top to very bottom (see the illustration in the section). Always compare your track height to the adjustment ranges shown for the various pet doors. Endura Flap offers custom heights for odd-sized sliders and windows. Most others don't.

How to install a pet door insert in a sliding glass door.

Solo Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Patio Doors can be easily installed in a patio sliding door or French door. Mounts on either left or right-opening doors. It can be easily installed by the homeowner or a handyman: Just prop into position and drive several self-tapping metal screws through the Solo pet door frame and into the existing door frame. Plug it in and call your pet to try it!

Pet Door Insert for Sliding Doors by Patio Link

Would you rather not cut holes in any walls or doors inside your house? Do you have a sliding glass door with aluminum frame leading out to the patio? Then the Fast Fit Pet Patio Door™ with all of its customizable options is right for you. Sliding door inserts are an excellent way to see if a pet door is right for your pet and your lifestyle. Because there’s no cutting, there’s no commitment; if you or your pets don’t like the door, simply remove it and return it. (See our )