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A properly installed pet door provides freedom to both the pet owner and the pet. No longer does the pet owner have to worry about accidents in the home. The pet has the ability to go outside when needed even if the pet owner is not at home. The installation of a pet door in a brick wall requires the use of specialized masonry tools such as a reciprocating saw and hammer drill. Both pieces of equipment may be rented if necessary. Cut the opening on the interior wall and remove insulation prior to cutting through the brick.

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Looks good, works great - snaps back in place every time. I put it through a metal door and though the cut in the door is not pretty, you can't see it as the cover plate conceals it. I anticipate this lasting a long time. My old pet safe door is in the wall and the bolts have slowly worn out the drywall holes and is loose from constant use. The kitty is still inspecting it and insists that I open it for her, but once she has the need to get out quick for some reason, I know she will push her little face against this big old door and realize it opens just as easily as her little kitty doors. I highly recommend it. I think it is worth the price. I haven't had any tornadoes come through, maybe someday I will blow at it with the shop-vac blower just to prove it stays shut, but I am sure it will.

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Pictorial guide to installing the MaxSeal Wall Mount pet door through Stucco sided homes. Thank you for taking the time to review the Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door™. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the flaps, and we would like to help. We have had many doors through the years, and in order to better assist you we will need more information as you may have a door that needs a different flap. We will reach out to you privately so that we can find a solution!

Installing a pet door through a wall doesn't have to be permanent

The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are available for door or wall installation. The door kit makes it easy to install the pet door through a standard house door. A somewhat handy person can do this themselves and it doesn’t take long.


The MaxSeal wall mounted pet doors are ideal for installation through any type of wall. The self-framing tunnel is made from one solid piece of aluminum. There are no seams for moisture seepage and the inherent strength allows for minimal framing in the wall itself. (Other wall mounted pet doors require self framing of the tunnel opening to help support tunnel kits).This pet door comes in two sections. The self-framing tunnel comes riveted to to the interior frame of the pet door. The exterior frame will sleeve into the tunnel once the tunnel is trimmed. After the hole in the wall is done, you push the tunnel through from the inside.If you are looking for a wall installed doggie door with excellent insulation and energy efficiency, we recommend Endura wall mount dog doors made by our friends at Patio Pacific and available here at High Tech Pet at the best price anywhere. The Ideal Ruff Weather dog door with dual flap design are also a good wall install pet door option. These are well constructed pet doors that are safe, secure and well insulated and designed for through wall installation.Once you have your wall location selected, carefully open up a small opening in the interior wall and then take a good look inside the wall with a flashlight just to make sure there are no surprises like a water or gas pipe. Once your interior opening is made using the template that comes packaged with the pet door, carefully drill a hole at each corner of the opening going through the exterior wall taking great care to stay level with the inside opening. Use these corner holes to mark for your cuts in the exterior wall, carefully cut the exterior opening and you are ready to install your new pet door.