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I had a very similar experence about six months ago (referring to the first post). House was finaled under the UBC four years ago by me (no dogie door then). The house was sold and the new homeowner takes out a permit for a small remodel in the living room upper floor framing. At the framing inspection the garage door was open, and I was able to see that a pet door had been installed in the 20 min. door in the occupancy seperation. Homeowner was home and I advised him of the issue, in terms I thought he could understand, (you know his families safety). I might as well been talking to the pet door, homeowner just snorted and walked away. I felt obligated to at least let him know of the safety concern, and have left it up to his conscious. We in the building safety line of work should at least advise a homeowner of the concern, as most would not know the risk, and let them make the choice (only in the case of a previously finaled house). And what about carbon monoxide, sure most cars now are fuel injected, but still alot of people let thier cars idle in the garage for extended periods of time. Remember self closing tight fitting doors in the UBC?

Apr 28, 2014 - Arm-R-Lite offers a custom pet door option for our residential garage doors

Pet doors for your garage offer convenience for both you and your pet, allowing your pet to come and go as it pleases even while you are away from home. Installing a pet door takes a few hours of your time and some basic tools, and you can even customize the size of the door for your particular pet. Not only will your pet be happier, the pet door will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the door from opening and closing to let the pet in and out and reduce the pet's tendency to scratch at the door.

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for garage doors, motorized awnings, garage storage systems and even pet doors. What else is needed for a company to offer complete garage door services? Pet doors and pet door installation, of course. We care about your pets just as much as you do. Rather than taking the matter into your own hands, allow us to properly install the equipment that will allow your pet to go in and out. Don’t worry, we’ll test it for you too.

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Arm-R-Lite offers a custom pet door option for our residential garage doors. When looking for a new garage door, keep in mind that the door you choose will be used by every member of your family, including your pets. Residential Garage Doors with Dog or Cat Doors Available Through Arm-R-Lite Garages are used for all kinds […]

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