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No Return Spot Remover for Localized Stains helps clean stains. It penetrates the stain and odor to dissolve it. No Return is actually two products in one and specially designed for pet problems. Its special blend of cleaning agents and enzymes cleans stains caused by urine, feces, vomit, blood, food, perspiration and other organic stains. Use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, automobile interiors, litter boxes, cages and pet living and sleeping areas. Just spray and let dry.

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Well, if you are house training an animal that is great time you use them. If your kitten or puppy keeps finding a spot and using it as a bathroom instead of the area you have specified, use the enzymes cleaners to cover the area and prevent the animal from recognizing it as its toilet area. It will also clean away any traces of the urine. You may also need it if your have other creatures coming onto your porch or patio area and spraying. It’s one thing for your own cat to do that but other strays is extremely irritating. You can still use the spray on areas not covered with carpet, but it does perform better within the pile of a carpeted area. Simply spray the cleaner on, let it dry over night have feast on the spills and vacuum away in the morning.

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LIQUID ALIVE Enzyme Digestant Carpet/Textile Cleaner/Deodorizer, 1gal Bottle. If you've tried using liquid enzyme miracle cleaning products to try to clean pet urine from carpet, upholstery, mattresses, etc., then you'll relate to this scenario:

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The best cleaning solution for use with the (or any other carpet cleaner) is . First, you gotta love that name. It comes in a 32oz bottle, but you only use 1oz per gallon of water (so it will make 32 gallons of cleaning solution). Like all other enzyme-based cleaners, it’s environmentally friendly and safe to use around kids and pets (would be kind of dumb for me to recommend a non pet-safe pet stain cleaner). The smell reminds me a bit of Simple Green. This stuff works… and combined with the Hoover Power Scrub, it works miracles. For really bad areas, it might take a second pass, but this will get the job done.

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For a portable enzyme cleaner for carpets, this enzyme cleaner from Bissell magically destroys all traces of urine. Suitable for dog and cat urine, the hand held cleanser is perfect for emergency spills and accidents too. The portable stain remover gets rid of odor and sucks up debris efficiently through its seven inch nozzle.If you ever had cat pee in your carpet, you will recognize how difficult it is to clean out. This is more so when the cat has sprayed its territory rather than just urinating. Owing to the fact that cats don’t drink a great deal, this makes their urine particularly strong and odorous. Even when you think you have eliminated the dreadful smell, as soon as the weather warms up the smell can return just as ‘fresh’ as it was when it was first done. This is where enzyme cleaners come in.