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So if you get another pet and give that pet even an ounce of attention while ferret is awake then they will start to hate the other pet and go after it. If you have a child that can play with ferrets during the time they are awake and then spend rest of the time playing with other pet, then ferrets will have no problem. Or if you are a working person and you give ferret attention whenever you are home and they are awake, then again they will get along with another pet. But the very second they notice that they have to compete for your attention then a war will break out.

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Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make when they buy a ferret is assuming that they don’t bond to their owners the way a dog or a — and so if the family doesn’t get along with the pet, it’s no big deal to give them up. Actually, ferrets bond with their humans for life. When you adopt a ferret, you need to be willing to make a life-long commitment to your new pet.

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Although gorgeous, there are a few things worth considering before getting ferrets as pets. Do your research on ferrets before acquiring one. First, find out if they are legal in your locale, as several states, including Hawaii and California, ban ferret ownership. They have special physical, environmental and dietary needs that differ from many other common pets. Consult with your veterinarian on the following questions if you are considering adopting or purchasing a ferret, keeping your lifestyle and preferences in mind as well:

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It is highly important that you educate yourself on all facets of ferret care. Your best resource is a ferret-savvy veterinarian, who can provide specific knowledge, advice and services to help ensure your ferret lives a long and happy life. Ferrets need special vaccines to protect them from certain diseases, heartworm preventive (in certain areas of the country) and flea medication, which your veterinarian can provide. Your ferret veterinarian can inform you of the signs of certain medical conditions which might arise in an older ferret.In addition, consider joining the , a wonderful resource on the care and keeping of pet ferrets. You can also take a trip to your local library and check out the book Ferrets by Vickie McKimmey.

Like many household pets, ferrets require a cage.

Fortunately, pet ferrets do not suffer from these unpleasant odors when they have been spayed or neutered and the scent glands removed. Any lingering odor can be taken care of with regular baths. Most ferrets sold in the United States have already been descented.Ferrets are not pets that can be caged all the time like gerbils, hamsters and mice. Although they can spend a lot of time in a cage, they need the freedom to run, jump, and explore your home everyday. A ferret that is kept exclusively in a cage may become a very unhealthy pet. Ferrets As Pets
Ferrets make good pets and are happy living alone or with another ferret. They are social animals and often like meeting new people. They are fun, playful, and active. Cage
Your pet will need a cage at least 36″ x 24″ x 24″. This is the minimum size necessary but you should get as big a cage as possible. Ferrets are active and while in the cage you want your pet to have lots of room to play. There are many different types of ferret cages available that offer lots of room to move around.