Clown fish is sea anemone’s pet

That trauma, however, doesn't mean you shouldn't get a fish or two if you're looking for an easy-to-care for pet. We know that the big flush is always inevitable, but you'll avoid that heartache a bit longer if you invest your time in nurturing certain species that are known to be more low-maintenance.

If you want to keep pet fish learn what you need to pick the right ones and keep them healthy.

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I can see that. What about a caterpillar having a pet fish?

After living for 25 years as a human, I have decided that I should have been a pet fish. Literally every meal rains down on you. There is nothing better in the world than having free food pour over your body every single day. This, my fellow humans, is why we all ought to live the pet fish life.

I can see that. What about a caterpillar having a pet fish?

Fish have complex nervous systems and react to painful stimuli the way all animals do—their breathing rate increases, their muscles contract, and they try to escape. Dr. Donald Broom, scientific adviser to the British government, states that anatomically, physiologically, and biologically, the nervous system (which interprets pain signals) in fish is virtually the same as in mammals. Joaquin Phoenix portrays a fish’s suffering in this powerful video that he created for PETA:

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Being stuck inside a bowl or a tank is , and neither is the trip to the pet stores where they’re sold. Many fish are put in tiny containers and left there for days. Animals often arrive at pet stores dying of starvation, sick, pregnant, or injured.Bio: Mike Mavro is the owner and operator of Orvee's Pet Center in St. Petersburg, Fla. He has dedicated more than three decades to the care, maintenance, health and well-being of fish and furry animals.After spending the beginning of their lives in cramped tubs, fish are sold to , pet stores, and bait shops. Many will be forced to spend the rest of their lives in tiny bags or bowls, which don’t give them the space or oxygen they need to be healthy.GURNEE, IL—According to friends and family members, 34-year-old Josh Ferguson has really been pushing the bounds of credulity lately by ascribing specific personality traits to his seven tropical fish. "This guy here, he's a bit of a loner," Ferguson told reporters Sunday, pointing at a fish who was, at that moment, swimming in a different part of the tank than the other six fish. "And that fish over there, he can be kind of a jerk." At press time, Ferguson was poring over different varieties of fish-food flakes at his local pet store while explaining to a clerk that each of his fish was an "extremely picky eater."