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(M. haemofelis) is a parasitic bacterial disease that is transmitted to cats through flea bites, as well as tick and mosquito bites. An infection of the red blood cells, M. haemofelis can cause fever and in cats, Herold says. There is also some evidence that M. haemofelis can infect humans, especially those with compromised immune systems. Because fleas are equal opportunity feeders, an infected flea can transmit the parasite to both you and your pet.

But pet owners always need to be on the lookout for fleas, even when the weather turns cool.

Fleas don’t live on people. They may bite, but then they leave. Fleas aren’t usually found on people’s heads. This area is too far away from the ground, where fleas develop. When fleas jump onto people, they feed readily without much wandering. So most bites occur on the ankles and feet. It’s possible for fleas to temporarily be found in hair if the person lays on the ground, or if they allow infested pets into their beds, because then their head is directly in the area where fleas are developing.

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Wash all of your and your pet's belongings in  to kill fleas and flea eggs. “It leads to intense itching and scratching for your pet. That constant itching allows the skin to break open and form scabs that can get infected. It can happen on any area of the skin,” says Dr. Denish, “but the most frequent site is the back and base of the tail. It can be treated by your veterinarian. It will need the removal of the fleas as well as medications for the allergy and infection.”

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If your pet is not currently on some type of flea and tick preventative, or if you sometimes forget or choose not to provide them with their regular dosage year-round, you may be unwittingly increasing the risk your dog or cat becomes infested with fleas or ticks. “Fleas and ticks are canny creatures, and they have ways of making it into your home and onto your pets, even with preventions in place,” says Dr. Kvamme. “All it takes is a few fleas or ticks before you have a full-scale infestation of your yard, your pet, or your home.”

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Did you know that to break the flea life cycle you must treat your home and yard, as well as your pet? Flea prevention products for your pet will only kill the fleas on your pet. They cannot stop newly-hatched fleas in your home and yard from jumping on your pet. Follow these steps for a flea-free home.Alternatively, if the spray bottle scares him, you can soak a washcloth with the mixture and rub it on. Many pets really like this! And the vinegar does make your pet more undesirable to the fleas.