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Never lose your pet again! Would you like your four-legged family members to have the freedom to wander outside? Whether you own an adventurous cat or an active and energetic dog – with the help of the mini GPS tracker, Trax Play, you can see your pet’s current location – in real time. If your dog goes to daycare you can also see how much they are getting walked each day.

Finding Fido: No-fee GPS pet tracker will tell you exactly where your pet is

If you have an outdoor pet and are curious what they get up to during the day, this TinyDuino-based collar may be just the right project for you. It doesn't let you track location remotely, but it does log GPS coordinates that you can download whenever you want to do a little pet-snooping.

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Save time locating pets when they get lost with PocketFinder Outdoor GPS Pet Tracker The GPS tracker is only about an inch in diameter and syncs with an Android or iOS app. It's waterproof, and it can be attached to everyday items — like keys, wallets, or laptops — or to a pet's collar or child's backpack.

Findster Duo: The GPS Pet Tracker free of monthly fees

Dog activity monitor from the famous company Whistle is designed the same way as Tractive and Tagg dog GPS trackers mentioned below in our list of best dog GPS collars. It's a smartphone-based pet tracking device that will send different data to your phone about your dog's daily behavior, long-term health trends and activity levels. Similarly to the GPS dog tracker from Tractive, Whistle's dog tech device is mostly about monitoring activity than tracking your pet.

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But what Exactly are GPS Pet Trackers? Which ones are the Best? How do they work? How much do they cost? How will they keep my dog and cat safe? We are going to dig deep into the topic. We have compiled a unique list and reviewed our choice for the . Findster Duo is the first GPS pet tracker without monthly fees – a real-time pet locator and a pet activity tracker that rewards you for keeping your furry friend healthy. Smart. Connected. Fun. GPS Trackers are cutting edge technology that allows you to pinpoint your pets location in real time. You can see a history of locations reported by the device to see every place your pet went while you were away. Some of these GPS Trackers even give an alert when you pet leaves a pre-determined area (geo-fence). In order to transmit the GPS location from almost anywhere and anytime use of cellular data and towers are required. So the following would be classified as IoT and require a SIM card or cellular service of some kind.Pod has been engineered to be the smallest and lightest real-time GPS pet tracker in the world. Its unique barrel design has been created to be as comfortable on your animal as possible and our custom strapping mechanism allows your Pod to fit collars of all shapes and sizes. Unlike other trackers on the market, each Pod comes with two interchangeable batteries so you never have to remove the unit from your animal's collar or worry about downtime while the unit is charging.