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Pre-requisite–Professional Pet Grooming Practices Part I–no exceptions. Students continue hands-on training with complex breeds and techniques. The material fee includes the use of dog grooming stations. Students will be assisted by lead instructor Lori Sweeney and an instructional assistant. Students must purchase approximately $200 worth of equipment on their own prior to the second class. The course includes 12 classes of hands-on practice and graduation from training the last night. Completion Ceremonies will be held at the HCC Merle S. Elliott Continuing Education and Conference Center.


The American Grooming Academy is a servicing those students from the San Diego, Riverside and Orange County area as well as through out California and abroad. The main goal of the American Grooming Academy is to offer training and career development for those individuals who desire a career in the professional pet industry. The Academy will tailor training to meet your personal goals, whether it is to seek employment as a Pet Stylist, Salon Manager, Mobile Groomer, or start a successful pet grooming business. There are many at the American Grooming Academy that teach all aspects of pet grooming businesses.

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TOWNE & COUNTRY PET GROOMING The and affiliation options are equally important, and it is very important to make sure that the pet grooming school you have opted for offers courses in dog bathing, equipment maintenance, shop management, pet first aid and such. All of these certifications are very important for your career as they can increase your job opportunities and they can also add a few hundred dollars to your monthly salary, depending on your work environment.

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On the web Our online pet, dog, cat grooming school, and of course it cost much less, is designed for you to study on your own time online and via videos and a 500 page book. You are supplied with twenty grooming videos demonstrations and hours and hours of detailed instruction. You get all the testing materials and unlimited support. When you complete the course you'll receive (1) "Pet Hygienist Certificate" and (2) "Certified Pet Groomer Certificate".

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Canine Clippers, Inc. is an award winning, family owned company which consists of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming integrated in three locations: Featherle Pet Care of Chantilly, Featherle Pet Care of Sterling and Wash-N-Wag of Culpeper. All locations are certified by SCHEV (State Council of Higher Education for Virginia) for educational purposes.As an additional incentive for joining our team, PetSmart provides the supplies you need in addition to offering Pet Stylists a 35% discount on professional grooming equipment.By transitioning from an independent practice to employment with PetSmart, you stand to gain more financially. We offer a highly competitive hourly base rate for all of our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 50% commission for every pet groomed. While PetSmart provides you with all of the customers you’ll need for a full book of business, you’re encouraged to increase your earnings by bringing your existing clients to PetSmart and using our resources to tame their mane in-house. If you are passionate about pets and animals in general, yet you do not want to pursue a career as a veterinarian, then becoming a professional pet groomer in Spokane WA may be the right thing for you – the training is minimal and this career tends to be very professionally and financially rewarding over the years, especially if you choose to open your own private pet grooming salon. The training will be rather complex as you will enjoy both theoretical and practical coursework in brushing, trimming and shaping the canine fur and nails, as well as shop management and fundamental marketing techniques.