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I am a in-home dog and cat groomer. I will come to your home to groom your pets. Being in the comfort of your own home can be less stressful for you and your pets than going to the groomers. My services include nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathing and a full haircut or shave down. Please feel free to check out my website. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you and your pets real soon!

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Trimming your pet’s nails saves you the worry of cutting the nails of your dogs or cats too short at home. Active dogs that wear down nails naturally might not require trimming, but for dogs with long nails, trimming them helps to keep nails short and prevents painful injuries and discomfort that may occur when nails grow too long. Nails are trimmed whenever pets are groomed, however this service can also be performed between regular grooming appointments.

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We're your mobile pet grooming service that specializes in gentle grooming and conveniently comes to your home or office. Nail clipping is another grooming service that is best performed by experienced professionals. Trimming a dog’s nails can be a tricky process, especially if dogs become anxious or nervous. Unfortunately, many pet owners who trim their dogs’ nails at home inadvertently cut the nail quick, causing bleeding and pain. When our professional groomers trim your dog’s nails, the process goes quickly and is pain-free!

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My name is Gloria, and I would love to help care for your pet. I am a 23-year-old college graduate who loves animals.I have worked in the animal service industry and the animal welfare industry for over five years. I have handled, walked and groomed almost any dog that you can imagine. I know how to work with shy, aggressive and even dangerous dogs.I study animal behavior and can read dogs' body language almost fluently. I know about home veterinary care, so I will be quick to realize if something isn't right with your animal. I also know a lot about animal nutrition, so I can help if you have any questions about allergies, stomach trouble or just your animal's diet in general.I have trained dogs for eight years for all different issues, including housebreaking, aggression, fear and separation anxiety. I have trained homeless animals so that they are prepared to live in a home, and I have even trained dogs to be service dogs.I've been a dog lover my whole life. I got my first dog at 10 and later on I had three more. At about 18, I got very invested in animal welfare. I believe the key to improving the state of dog welfare in this country is education. People need to know more about the animals that they share their homes with. This is a big part of why I study animal behavior. I believe that by creating a better understanding between dog and owner, both parties will be happier.I love to help people live the fullest and happiest lives with their animals so if there are any of my services that can help you do that, please contact me.

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Prior to founding The Pet Maven, Helen spent over 20 years in marketing research for top Fortune companies. Helen is a native New Yorker and gets tremendous joy and satisfaction from providing her furry clients and their caregivers an unparalleled level of service. She shares her home with 2 dogs; Lou and Flora and 3 cats; Felix, Barbie and Martini all who are extremely proud of their mom. They provide day to day inspiration to Helen and offer assistance in the office. In addition to providing house call grooming and cat sitting services, Helen has contributed her time to learning events at Bideawee, and offers workshops to the public on dog and cat grooming. She is a graduate of New York University.We want to help make a different in each pet’s life. By volunteering our grooming services to the Hollywood Rescue Grooming Foundation, we are able to help each and every homeless dog or cat have a better chance at finding a forever, loving home. Twice a month, our team visits various animal shelters throughout Los Angeles offering free bathing and grooming services so the animals can look and feel their very best.