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I offer the following services in Orange Park:- Off-Leash Dog Park- Dog Boarding- Doggie Daycare- Pet Spa- Grooming and Veterinary Clinic (Black Creek)

Perfect Pet Salon provides Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming services in Orange Park, FL.

Different Orange Park FL pet grooming courses offer different internship options, and your practical experience will play a crucial role in your career in the future.

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Grateful Dog Grooming has professional pet groomers serving Orange Park, FL. We offer North East Florida’s Finest Pet ... Serving Argyle and Orange Park ... We offer our mobile grooming as well as an exclusive . Pet spaw and hotel ...

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Need Orange Park, Florida Pet Grooming? Visit the largest & most trusted service for finding great Cat & Dog Groomers. Browse in-depth caregiver profiles- Find your ...

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Finding and applying to a reputable pet grooming school in Orange Park FL is the first step towards achieving professional success as a pet groomer, in the future. However, choosing a pet grooming school is extremely important, as it is the training that will determine your success or your utter failure in the field, and as you may already know it is the duty of the dog groomers to brush, trim and then shape the nails and the coat of the dog, according to the different proportions and dog breeds.Puppy Love Grooming, Orange Park, FL. 246 likes · 4 talking about this · 70 were here. Mission Statement. Facebook logo. ... Best Pet Groomers in Clay County.PetSmart in Orange Park, Florida - Orange Park #2283 is conveniently located at 1919 Wells Road Orange Park, Florida 32073. ... Grooming Manager : Christin Pet ...These people are very good at what they do. They do work hard and work with a variety of breeds of dogs. I have been taken my 2 dogs there for almost a year now and have never had a problem. This Lucy Thorburn who wants to leave such negative comments looks as if she is wanting a free ride. If someone was nice enough to show you how to do a trim then that is great but dog grooming is a business if you want your dog groomed take it to the groomer if you want to learn how to groom go to school and learn show some initiative. I would not take my car to a tire shop and say can you show me how to put it on so I don't have to pay your prices. The comment you made that it would have taken 20 mins and you would have paid for a full groom is hog wash for one if you would have wanted to pay for a full groom you would have had a full groom done and made an appointment like everybody else. You just took advantage of a nice person and expected to take advantage of the whole family. Why would he do a trim on part of your dog and let it go out the door that way? Your job on the rest of the body may not have meet his standards and he has a good reputable business here and would like to keep it. Lucy Thorburn of Orange Park, FL you could have not said it any better "It is after all, all about the money." So get off your rear end and pay for what you want and quit asking for hand outs. As far as Eric goes he is a hard work takes pride in his business and respects his clientele and cares for animals you can not ask for a better groomer than that. So take you dog to PetsSmart they would appreciate your business.