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Temperament isn't the only thing that determines whether a pet would be "good" for a certain person or household. Very young children can have problems with guinea pigs. Because often they're still developing full control of their muscles, they might unintentionally do a lot of things that frighten guinea pigs. These include gripping them too tightly or accidentally dropping them. Although guinea pigs are usually mild-mannered, they occasionally bite when they're fearful and feeling threatened -- definitely not good if small kids are in the picture. Although biting by guinea pigs is very uncommon, it's always a possibility. And guinea pigs are easily shocked by abrupt motion or noise in general. Remember, little children aren't usually the quietest and most serene people.

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It’s easy to see why children are attracted to . Their big heads and forever-inquisitive look combined with an enthusiastic appetite for greens (punctuated with a squeal of approval!) certainly makes them animated and adorable. But guinea pigs are also inclined to freeze or flee when uncomfortable with a situation, so patience and respect is a must. The question to explore here is whether a guinea pig can be the right fit for a family with children (and vice versa!).

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I have two guinea pigs- Daffy & Daisy. They love to beg for food and are my favorite pets According to the , a single guinea pig needs at least four square feet of cage space. However, the more space the better. The cage you choose should offer good ventilation because guinea pigs need a lot of fresh air. It should also have a very deep litter pan to prevent your pet from kicking out its bedding.

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. Guinea pigs are generally hardy animals, but they are susceptible to many health problems if they are not cared for properly. Besides keeping your pet's stress levels low by providing a nutritional diet, a healthy environment and proper handling, you should take your guinea pig for . Your veterinarian will check your guinea pig’s overall health, trim overgrown nails if necessary and examine his teeth, which will continue to grow throughout his life.

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