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Pet clippers accommodate these different types of hair with variable- motors and interchangeable blades. High speeds up to 5,000 give a smooth sheen for finishing the cut. Lower speeds allow the groomer to work on tender areas such as face and feet while creating less heat and vibration.

BD - 300 Pet Professional Hair Clipper / Cutter Set Cordless Cutting Machine Barber Tool

Wahl dog hair clippers cut through mats and even can do full-body shaves on your dog (but you should go to a groomer for that). These professional dog clippers are versatile enough to get into delicate areas while also powerful enough to get through tough-to-clip sections of your pet's hair.

Best Dog Clippers for Grooming of 2017 Reviews -buyer guide

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Furthermore, you need to consider how thick is the beastie's hair

Begin by brushing your pet. Don't force your pet as this alone can create fear. Present this activity as a treat and work only as long as they are cooperative, which may mean that you trim your pet over several sessions. Do not trim a pet that is not under your control. Only one hand is required to use Scaredy Cut . You can use your free hand to handle your pet, hold locks of hair to be cut, or brush the hair. Work against the direction of hair growth, moving from the tail toward the head. Remove large locks of hair by holding them out with your free hand (do NOT pull on the fur) and making single cuts. The initial result will be an uneven, choppy surface. Once most of the hair has been removed by making single cuts this uneven surface can be evened out by making multiple, rapid cuts, as the guide comb is pulled through the hair. You can use a brush to comb up the hair for cutting.

The thicker, the more powerful the clipper will have to be