Summer Special: Pet Hair Removal Sponge

These phenomenal sponges remove pet hair from furniture and clothes. Just wipe over fabric and the hair sticks to the sponge. Fire-restoration crews use this “dry” sponge for removing soot to avoid the smearing that occurs with damp cleaning. Use on fireplace mantels, screens, bricks, curtains and carpet.

Pet Hair Removal Tip 1 Dampen a sponge and wipe over furniture, rinsing the sponge when needed.

Four Paws Magic Coat Clean Up Pet Hair Remover magically removes hair from pet beds, carpets, furniture, and clothing. Just wipe and watch undesirable pet hair cling to sponge and disappear from any surface. Use over and over! Recommended by professional cleaners.

Deal Alert! Evercare Pet Hair Remover Sponge

A dry sponge from a pet-supply store is all you need to easily remove pet hair from furniture. But what about pet hair on hard floors, rather than carpets? “Dry mops” with a removable microfiber or cloth pads are great at snagging pet hair, dust, and dirt off of solid surfaces. Some options have disposable pads like the , and others, like the and the , have washable microfiber pads that you can use over and over again.

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Another good tool for removing pet hair off furniture is a big ole RUBBER sponge. Just pass it over the fabric and it pick up an amazing amount of hair! For those pets who don’t like to be brushed, try COMBING them. My pets prefer that. I use the little combs with the short teeth on both sides of the comb – I think these are made for removing lice, but my kitties love them.

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YOUR SECRET WEAPON IN THE PET HAIR WAR! This is the most effective, easiest to use, product in the world for removing pet hair from clothing, upholstery and automobile interiors. Our customers praise the Gonzo for removing dog hair, cat hair, horse hair, from all types of fabrics, lamp shades, walls, beds, computer monitor screens, and car interiors. The Gonzo is a unique slightly gummy rubber sponge that rips pet hair from any surface and rolls it into a little piece of yarn that's easily plucked off the sponge and thrown away. Use the Gonzo over and over! When the sponge becomes soiled, wash it with soap and water, air dry, and it's as good as new. There's no adhesive that's used up, so it lasts indefinitely.There are special pet hair removal items that you can purchase at any pet store. This includes tools like hair removal sponges, pet hair magnets and rubber rakes, all of which can help remove fur from furniture. You can also use a pet hair roller which is similar to a lint roller used to remove lint from your favorite black sweaters. Most of these tools will work with all different types of fabrics from leather to suede and anything in between. All of these items are fairly inexpensive and will do the trick. Simply roll the tool over the furniture and watch the pet hair disappear.