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Be sure to choose the right type of bedding for your pet hamster. Some types of bedding – such as cedar or pine shavings – can cause dangerous allergic reactions and stomach upset in hamsters.

Toys such as an exercise wheel, ramps, and tunnels so your pet hamster can exercise and explore.

Hamsters are small rodents that are commonly kept as house pets. They are distinguishable from other rodents due to their short tails, stubby legs and small ears. Hamsters have many different colors, including black, grey, brown, white, yellow, red or a mixture of several colors.

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We choose our new Syrian hamster from Pets at Home and set up her new cage.Music by Kevin Macleod Today's fancy hamsters are descended from three Syrian Golden Hamsters taken into captivity in 1930. Dwarf hamsters are a different species, though they are still part of the same rodent family and require similar care. Two species that are common in captivity are the Dwarf Russian hamster and the Chinese hamster. All hamsters are small, easy to care for animals which explains why they continue to make popular pets. Hamsters are a popular pet for children.

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Breeders often advise pet owners to give lots of attention to their Syrian hammy. These cute animals become very close to their owners. To avoid your hamster being unhappy, you can give him a number of toys. Wheels, wooden log rolls, cardboard boxes, and tubes, and cereal boxes are some of the best toys. Owners can also check at their local pet shops to find a good selection of accessories for their little pets. Syrians are social and docile, especially with their owners. When they are well-handled and happy, they react well to frequent handling. It is very rare to see a Syrian biting, without reason. They are also not prone to urinating, or defecating much outside their cage. You can also allow your children to handle these cute pets on their own once they have been taught how to properly interact with their small furry pal.

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Many people enjoy having hamsters as pets. These small creatures make a unique and very friendly addition to your family. Hamsters are inexpensive, both to purchase and maintain, as well as being cute and cuddly, easily fitting into the palm of your hand. The downside to having a pet hamster is their short lives. Most live only a year or two, which is very difficult for younger children.Perhaps one of the first things that you need to consider in order to make sure your hamster is as healthy as possible is the right type of housing. There are plenty of commercial hamster cages on the market which can provide a lot of options for your new pet. Some people also build their own hamster cages, either out of wire or plastic tubes. One thing your hamster is going to enjoy, regardless of which type of cage you choose, is a lot of room to roam around and explore. This can help to keep your hamster happy and also provide him with a considerable amount of exercise, which is essential for good health.