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These under tank heaters are also variously called heat mats or heat pads within the pet hobbies. Essentially they are like big stickers on the bottom. You peel the sticker paper off the bottom of the pad and then slap them on the bottom of a glass aquarium (probably not a good idea on plastic aquariums though some people use them on thick plastic bins of some kinds). They plug into a wall outlet and warm up quickly. I use them on 10 gallon glass aquariums for my cockroaches to kick production up to the "next level", though the packaging indicates they are made for 5 gallon aquariums (with fish and lizards in mind, I guess). I personally like to use these smaller ones because I keep lots of small tanks of bugs. Also, since these are smaller they directly heat about half the bottom of the tank and that allows the animal to choose whether it wants to be in a warm spot on one side, or over on the cooler side of the tank. Once you peel off the paper on the bottom to reveal the sticky underside of the heat pad, you also have the option of sticking them on the sides of a tank. This allows heat to radiate into the tank rather than into the substrate where most pet bugs hang out.

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The longer you have your pet, the more your dog, cat, or other furry friend becomes an important part of your family. You want to do everything you can to take care of your pet, whether that is making sure they stay warm, safe, or well-fed. CozyWinters has a variety of specialty pet products to keep your four-legged friend happy and comfortable. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, a heated dog bed or cat bed will keep your pet toasty inside and outside. Safe, comfortable, and vet-recommended, choose from beds, mats, and electric heating pads suitable for year-round use not only for warmth but also for improved circulation and therapeutic purposes. Active and aging dogs and cats will appreciate the comfort and security that comes with a brand new heated bed. When seasons change and temperatures begin to rise or fall, keep your dog or cat nice and comfortable with heating and cooling products for their pet house. CozyWinters offers thermostatically controlled heaters, safe for your pet and simple to operate, as well as pet house heaters and ventilators. Small animal heating pads are perfect for critters of a tinier size. For specialty pet products like heated pet beds, dog pools, water bowls, and more, choose from our great selection of high quality items. We have dog and cat beds, including ortho foam and indoor/outdoor beds, cooling mats, heated dog houses, and more. In a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, we are confident you will find the perfect cozy bed for your beloved pet. CozyWinters is your one-stop shop for specialty pet products. Whether you are looking for a comfortable heated pet bed or a place for them to keep warm, look no further than our quality pet products.

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Give your pet the extra heat it needs. Fluker's Heat Mat's durable construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat. Easy to Heat mats and pads can be used for a dog house heater, heating cat enclosures or warming a pets resting area.
Heatmats and heating pads should be resistant to the boisterous behavior from dogs, cats, puppies and kitten.

A warming pads should withstand an accident from pets that are not house trained especially heat mats for pups

Controls that are exposed to an unsupervised pet must be recessed into the control housing to prevent accidental alteration of heat settings

The pet heat mats and pet heat pads are available in different sizes and colors.

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A heated mat is an effective way to warm your pet - especially if the house is insulated - although some owners may be a bit nervous about their dog sleeping directly on an electric device with a cord running from it. This is mostly a concern if your dog is a chewer. Note that most mats have a metal safety coil around the cord so if you can
run the unprotected part of the cord out of the dog's reach, you're in business. Otherwise, you might consider encasing the rest of the cord with PVC pipe.

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