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July 7, 2008 Cooling Dog Products & Pet Accessories help to keep your canine cooler all summer long. When the weather warms up, we can help to keep your dog cool. Protect your pet from overheating, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

[Editor’s Note: Check with your  before using any kind of heat therapy on your pet.]

This bed provides extra warmth without electricity. The special insulation inside the bed captures your pet’s heat and radiates the warmth back to your pet. Great for cats and small dogs that demand a warm spot. One year warranty.

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Thermal mat reflects cats’ or small dogs’ body heat back at them to keep pets warm and cozy on chilly nights PET is , meaning that it absorbs water from its surroundings. However, when this "damp" PET is then heated, the water the PET, decreasing its resilience. Thus, before the resin can be processed in a molding machine, it must be dried. Drying is achieved through the use of a or dryers before the PET is fed into the processing equipment.

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About 60% crystallization is the upper limit for commercial products, with the exception of polyester fibers. Clear products can be produced by rapidly cooling molten polymer below Tg to form an . Like glass, amorphous PET forms when its molecules are not given enough time to arrange themselves in an orderly, crystalline fashion as the melt is cooled. At room temperature the molecules are frozen in place, but, if enough heat energy is put back into them by heating above Tg, they begin to move again, allowing crystals to and grow. This procedure is known as solid-state crystallization.

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Before getting into the nuts and bolts of heating a dog house, it's worth pointing out that a properly constructed dog house will go a long way towards keeping your pet comfy warm during the winter. Ideally, a cold weather dog house has the following features:The second idea is simply to make it so players can open the forge and feed pets at party buttons. Honestly how many times have you been in a party when someone says "hold up, I'm gonna go to haven to forge/feed pet". And I know I do this a lot. It ruins the flow of dungeoning and makes people have to continually go back and forth after each level just to heat up a weapon.First of all, pets just consume far too many materials, and heating them through the clockworks does barely anything at all. The first suggestion is simple, make the amount of heat needed to level up a sprite less, so players can choose to level them up by either cramming with mats or by playing spiral knights. A heated mat is an effective way to warm your pet - especially if the house is insulated - although some owners may be a bit nervous about their dog sleeping directly on an electric device with a cord running from it. This is mostly a concern if your dog is a chewer. Note that most mats have a metal safety coil around the cord so if you can
run the unprotected part of the cord out of the dog's reach, you're in business. Otherwise, you might consider encasing the rest of the cord with PVC pipe.