delicate Superman Dog Tag Pet Id Tag Personalized w/ Name & Number

– PetLink (981)
– Save This Life (900164) there is an off-brand 900108 that no one knows where it comes from
– HomeAgain (985)
– Avid (9 digit microchips, they vary and are not the 900 series because they are NOT ISO compliant)
– 24PetWatch (0A – 10 digit numbers)

(Enter the ID number for complete pet profile and owner contact information.)

All dogs and cats four months of age or older residing within the Town of Cary must wear a pet tag. If your animal becomes lost and Animal Control locates it, information on the ownership of the animal is quickly obtained by checking the pet tag number with computer records.

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(Enter the ID number for complete pet profile and owner contact information.) Microchipping is a safe, permanent way to identify your pet in case he or she becomes lost. A microchip, which is a tiny device about the size and shape of a grain of rice, is placed just under the loose skin at the back of the neck. When a lost dog or cat without an ID tag is found, a veterinarian or veterinary technician will use a handheld microchip scanner to check for a chip. If the pet has one, its ID number will be transmitted to the scanner via a low-frequency radio wave. The veterinary hospital or shelter then calls the chip manufacturer, retrieves the pet owner’s contact information, and calls the owner.

new Superman Dog Tag Pet Id Tag Personalized w/ Name & Number

Microchips are small transponders about the size of a grain of rice. They are injected under the skin between the shoulder blades and are a permanent form of identification for your pet that can provide a free ticket home in the event your pet is lost or stolen. The SPCA is offering donor-subsidized microchips to our community in an effort to reduce the number of lost pets coming in to shelters. The $25 fee includes a lifetime registration for your pet. Please bring additional names, phone numbers, etc. as alternative contacts for your lost pet, in the event you are not available when your pet is found.

Pet microchips carry a unique ID number

Microchips work using radio waves which send out an alpha numeric code to picked up by any universal scanner. A microchip contains a certain radio frequency which is specific to each chip. This numeric code matches your name and contact information in our database so that the radio frequency is used to identify your pet. Typically, all animal shelters, veterinarians and certain police enforcement divisions have a scanner and can use it to easily identify your pet.Homeward Bound Pet is an advanced lost pet recovery service dedicated to the safety and well-being of your pet. Our system is best utilized when a microchip with a unique ID number is injected between the shoulder blades of your pet, which can be done by a veterinarian if your pet is not already microchipped. Once your pet is microchipped, the next step is to enroll your pet's microchip ID, description, and photo, along with your contact information, in Homeward Bound Pet’s database, which is critical to reuniting you immediately with your lost pet once he is found. If your pet is brought to a veterinarian or shelter, they will scan for a microchip. When they search that chip number in the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool, a free service provided by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), our 24/7 Found Pet Hotline number will come up. Live operators will look up your pet’s data and put the finder in touch with you immediately.