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Human beings have personal identification documents, such as our driver’s license, that we carry around with us. We can prove who we are by showing our identification. Our pets also need some type of identification on them at all times. Since they don’t carry a wallet around with them, what do you do? At the very least you get them identification tags, and possibly take a step further by getting a micro-chip.

Proper identification protects your cat. Get pet tags, name tags and cat id for your cat's collar.

Be creative with rockin' doggie's bestselling initial pet ID tags! While keeping your pup safe with these engraveable pet ID tags, pick the perfect size, letter, and choose from a variety of colors and sparkles to brighten up your four-legged family member's look! Handcrafted and made of 100% lead-free pewter, this initial pet ID tag is a fun way to showcase your pet's identity. Made in the U.S.A.

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Oct 2, 2016 - Pet identification tags are naturally made from a wide variety of materials One major point to note is that “there is no federal or state regulation of microchip standards in the U.S., and different manufacturers are able to produce and patent different microchip technologies with different frequencies,” according to the AVMA. When deciding to microchip your pet, be sure to understand the difference between the various types of chips out there and which are the most common and therefore offer your pet the most protection for the area home state. We also recommend keeping an up-to-date along with your microchip which leads us to our next and method and most traditional area of pet identification: pet id tags.

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All of our brass and stainless steel pet ID tags come with free engraving. Personalized laser engraving gives you the power to write your own text on the front or back of these tags, choosing from a variety of unique fonts. Our engraving ensures bright lettering that makes reading the tag simple. We’re so confident in the quality of our engraving that all brass and stainless steel tags come with a lifetime guarantee.

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We make the best / most durable hanging tags on the planet. Still, in time, all traditional/hanging tags will fail. In time the ring or hook used to attach them to the pet's collarwill wear out and the tag will fall off; or the friction of the tag rubbing against other tags on the pet's collar will wear away the tag text. Even if you use a traditional hanging tag to ID your pet I urge you to ALSO consider getting a CollarTag to back up the the hanging tag. Only with a CollarTagcan you be certain there will be a secure and readable identification tag on your pet should it ever become separated from you. Bottom line: Having a CollarTag on your pet's collar assures you the finder of your lost pet will be able to contact you.Background
Personalized ID tags are likely to be the fastest way to return a pet home, as they can be read by anyone who finds the animal. However, collars can come off, leaving the pet without any identification. Implanted microchips can serve as an important security measure to help ensure that a pet is returned home, even if a collar and tag are lost. Reuniting pets with their guardians though microchips requires that pet guardians keep their address and contact information up to date with the microchip registry. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has issued specifications for a standardized microchip for animal identification. While most of the world has accepted these standards, the United States has not. The primary problem is a competitive, technological one involving the compatibility of the microchips and the readers used by shelters and veterinary clinics.