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That's the wrong way to think about pet insurance (and any insurance for that matter).

Unfortunately, you can’t predict the future. Unexpected events such as accidents and illnesses happen to pets, just as they happen to people. With the many recent improvements in veterinary care, and access to skilled professionals with the most up-to-date medical equipment, pets are living longer than ever before. However, this new expertise can be expensive. Pet insurance can help to ensure that your pets have access to the best care available and live the long, healthy and happy lives that they deserve.

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If you determine that you need pet insurance, make sure the pet insurance company you choose has the following attributes: Pet insurance is best used for unexpected, catastrophic medical events which are difficult to budget for. Routine and Wellness procedures are not always best handled with pet insurance. Sometimes the annual cost of adding Routine and Wellness Care to your plan ends up being more than it would cost you if you paid for these procedures out of your own pocket...so make sure you do the math before you buy. It is possible that you will pay more in premiums than you get back if your pet stays relatively healthy therefore pet insurance (like any other insurance) should be used as a risk management tool not as a way to save money. How does Pet Insurance Work? Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance in that it: Has premiums, deductibles, co-pays and maximum payouts. Does not cover pre-existing conditions. Has waiting periods that define when coverage starts. Companies can also have different waiting periods for different medical conditions.

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It's important to compare options to be sure you're getting what's best for you and your pet. Pets Best Insurance has no networks - you choose any veterinarian anywhere in the world.

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American Pet Insurance Company is an admitted New York domiciled property and casualty insurance company with licenses across the United States. We are a highly specialized insurer and offer only one type of insurance - pet health insurance. Our goal is to provide our unique and highly specialized underwriting capabilities to a diverse group of pet insurance providers utilizing different distribution channels so that we can help increase availability of products to pet owners across America.I have had the level II insurance on my friend Buster for maybe 4 years now. He's an old guy at 12 now. He hasn't had too many health problems except arthritis due to old age and some skin allergies. He has only had relatively small claims. But while getting x-rays for laser treatments for his arthritis, he was discovered to have bladder stones. Major panic. He had to have major surgery and I had to take out a loan at the credit union. I turned in the claim and they promptly covered a large portion of that. Major relief. I would recommend this pet insurance to anyone who loves their pet.